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Looking for a secret weapon to succeed in Asia's energy transition?

We're here to share how you can understand and take control of the move to net-zero with one single platform - PLEXOS. You'll have all the data you need in one place to be able to make those crucial decisions that will shape our future. 

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Take control of Energy decisions with PLEXOS

PLEXOS® is a powerful simulation engine that provides analytics and decision-support to modellers, generators, and market analysts—offering flexible and precise simulations across electric, water, gas and renewable energy markets.

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Dante Recalde
Dante Recalde
Energy Exemplar

Panel Moderation: Achieving carbon neutral power systems through increased system flexibility

  • Adapting traditional power plants to modern energy systems to ensure efficiency and lowering opex   
  • Coping with fluctuating power generated 
  • Integrating BESS into plant development plans   
  • Managing interval reduction and the flexibility demanded by regulators and grid owners  
  • The importance of gas power in flexible power systems   
21st September 2022, 10:15
Dante Recalde
Dante Recalde
Energy Exemplar

Knowledge Hub Session: Role of optimization in future energy systems

Energy systems are evolving due new environmental policies and changes in the operational requirements. Operating future energy systems while considering uncertainties will become a critical requirement for asset managers and system operators. Planning and operational tools are required to ensure the transition towards cleaner, lower carbon future is possible and that this is achieved while considering reliable and economic operation of these systems.

21st September 2022, 14:50

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