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9-10 June 2022

Power Price Forecasting Summit

Effectively evaluating your existing portfolio and planning for future investments has never been more complicated. And accurately maximizing your returns requires a holistic view of the energy markets, including electricity, natural gas, and petroleum.

PLEXOS is the only solution that unifies your market simulations across electric, water, and gas energy systems—giving you unprecedented insights into the renewable energy market.

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Dimitris Giotis
Energy Exemplar

Next Generation Energy Market Modeling Requirements

The presentation will focus on the changing energy landscape and the new modeling requirements to support energy planners, regulators, investors, and traders. Renewable energy, batteries, hydrogen, electrification of transport and heating are changing the game and are necessary for decarbonization planning. Furthermore, the relationships between renewable production and gas demand drives the need to understand the interplay between power and gas. Zonal, sub-zonal, and nodal modeling may change UK/Europe energy trading and modeling landscapes. Black Swan events also create the need for modeling for uncertainty and grid resilience. All these issues lead to larger optimization problems which create demand for agile compute and scalable IT infrastructures to manage these new challenges

Day 2, 10 June 2022 at 9.35 CET



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Take control of Energy decisions with PLEXOS

PLEXOS® is a powerful simulation engine that provides analytics and decision-support to modellers, generators, and market analysts—offering flexible and precise simulations across electric, water, gas and renewable energy markets.

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