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Elering (TSO) to license PLEXOS

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Elering becomes one of Energy Exemplar’s growing list of Transmission System Operators to license PLEXOS!

Elering chooses PLEXOS to produce its mid-term adequacy forecast

London February 18th, 2020

Elering AS, the independent electricity and gas system operator in Estonia, has chosen to adopt PLEXOS to produce their mid-term adequacy forecast (MAF).  Elering maintains and develops both electricity and gas internal transmission networks and external connections in real time.

“We are very pleased to have Elering as a customer,” said Tom O’Meara, Senior Vice President, Energy Exemplar Europe. “PLEXOS is very well suited to Elering, as it is a transmission planning simulation platform, used by over 70 clients in Europe, Middle East, and Africa including 13 Transmission System Operators and the Europe Network Transmission System Operator (ENTSO-E).   Its robustness, ease of use, and world-class customer support mean Elering users will be able to employ PLEXOS for a variety of models and scenarios, delivering the insights needed in a rapidly changing marketplace.”

Elering need a tool to help them conduct regular adequacy assessments of electricity resources.  The adequacy assessment includes comparing pan-European power production, interconnectors and flexible resources with the electrical system load to determine if the future production capacity is sufficient.

PLEXOS is able to meet their requirements for simulating realistic behaviour of power plants; stochastic power shortages, weather, renewable profiles and hydro reserves; and the growing challenges of energy storage and demand-side management, all within the same user-friendly platform.

Elering needs to be able to conduct own assessments similar to ENTSO-E’s Mid-term Adequacy Forecast (MAF).  MAF is a pan-European monitoring assessment of power system resource adequacy spanning a timeframe from one to ten years ahead. It is the most comprehensive pan-European assessment of adequacy attempted to date by ENTSO-E, as it is based on a market-based probabilistic modelling approach undertaken in a collaborative effort with representatives from TSOs across the entire pan-European area.

“Elering is responsible for the Estonian generation adequacy assessment. In order to provide high quality assessment, we need to employ state-of-the-art methodologies and tools for the job.,” said Erkki Sapp, Energy Market Development Manager, Elering. “We see PLEXOS as a key tool to help us ensure system adequacy and a high-quality energy supply to Estonian consumers.”

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