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It can be intimidating to face down the decarbonization challenges you’re confronted with. Challenges that require system integration in a rapidly changing tech environment; understanding and acting on an evolving policy landscape; navigating risk and investment decisions; and so much more. In the rapidly changing energy market, you need a trusted compass to navigate these turbulent times and steer a clear course.

By transforming data into knowledge, Energy Exemplar empowers organizations advancing the energy transition to understand the optimal pathway forward. Through our world-leading technology, we simplify the complex and bring clarity to chaos.

Understand the energy landscape across any time horizon.

Solve for the next problem before waiting for it to arrive. PLEXOS simulation software is a robust platform with modeling capabilities across electric, gas, and water systems—allowing for the optimization of interdependent energy markets. This is critical for the coming wave of decarbonization efforts where new technologies and energy sources come into play.

Adding to advances created in PLEXOS and Aurora desktop software, PLEXOS Cloud makes modeling even easier. Cloud users enjoy a single system for running and communicating studies across all users, markets, and locations. PLEXOS is offered via traditional desktop or through a browser with PLEXOS Cloud Workspace.

Comprehensive Power market forecasting in an intuitive, easy-to-use application.

Electrical power, storage, and transmission will play a starring role in decarbonization efforts. Aurora provides a power market forecasting solution in an intuitive and easy-to-use application.

Aurora enables its users to optimize the dispatch and commitment of power plants, co-optimized with the operation of storage, hydro, and renewable resources. It provides a ready-to-go solution for nodal and zonal analysis of all North American power markets both in the short term and long term horizons. Let Aurora star alongside you when solving for complex decarbonization planning.

Simulation-Ready Datasets

Model with confidence with industry leading datasets.

For the best study output, you need stellar data input. Energy Exemplar simulation-ready datasets help you save time by eliminating market research, data gathering, and processing efforts. Never has this been more paramount with the transition to renewable, non-carbon sources of energy.

Our data teams gather available public and subscribed data, analyzing and calibrating information within each global market for use in your models. Data is updated annually and benchmarked against historical data to demonstrate data quality. Global Datasets are available for the following markets: North America, Latin America, Europe, APAC.

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