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Learn how over 40% of nations across the globe are planning for the future of energy with the world's only cloud-native analytics platform, serving the entire value chain. 


Model and simulate scenarios within a specific industry or co-optimize resources across energy markets.

While other simulation software only models energy markets separately, PLEXOS allows you to understand the market variations across the entire energy landscape: electric, water, and gas.

Perform long- term planning, Projected Assessment of System Adequacy (PASA), medium-term and short- term scheduling, with each phase automatically connected to the others.

  • Create one source of truth for the entire organization
  • Maximize your profitability across multiple commodities
  • Reduce your IT costs and timelines
  • Make decisions based on real-world scenarios
  • Streamline your input/output processes and reduce errors
  • Work more efficiently across teams by eliminating iterative planning


Industry Leading Energy Simulation Platform

Our energy modeling and analytics solutions make it easier to predict energy futures through sophisticated modeling that co-optimizes for all possibilities including new and old technologies.


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