The Unified Energy Market Simulation Platform

PLEXOS is a powerful simulation engine that provides analytics and decision-support to modelers, generators, and market analysts.

PLEXOS is the best in-class energy forecasting software offering both flexible and precise simulations across several markets—electric, water, gas and renewable energy.

  • Co-optimization
  • Hydro-optimization
  • Nodal and Zonal analysis
  • Gas planning
  • Renewables and ancillary markets
  • Multi-objective decision optimization
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“PLEXOS allows us to understand physics, not politics. Everybody speculates, but that’s just opinion. What’s really powerful about energy systems modeling, and PLEXOS specifically, is that you can quantify and put numbers behind decisions.” 
Dr. Paul Deane

Dr. Paul Deane

  • Research Fellow at University College Cork, Ireland
  • Fellow at the Payne Institute, Colorado School of Mines



Transformational Decision Support for Energy & Utility Organizations

PLEXOS is a unified energy modeling and forecasting software platform. Its powerful simulation engine analyzes zonal and nodal energy models ranging from long-term investment planning to medium-term operational planning and down to short-term, hourly, and intra-hourly market simulations.

While other simulation software only models energy markets separately, PLEXOS allows you to understand the market variations across the entire energy landscape. The result: co-optimized interdependent energy market simulation that enables you to uncover hidden value.

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Faster simulations, and new capabilities, betterlike universal variable classes and improved gas functionality


Scale Your Infrastructure On-Demand

Data-intensive simulations can take hours or even days to complete using an on-premise server or laptop.

Built on the existing strengths of PLEXOS, PLEXOS Cloud features additional capabilities that makes integrating data easier and simulations faster.

PLEXOS Cloud has advanced computing capacity that can dramatically reduce your simulation run times. You can quickly find your desired outcome, saving you both time and money.

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Platform Tech

Introducing Flexible Compute & Cloud Burst Technology

With flexible compute, you can choose the size of your on-demand compute environment, with access to more memory and cores based upon your needs.

Cloud Burst provides the ultimate flexibility: enabling you to turn on additional capacity when you need it, in 24 hour increments. Need extra capacity for end of quarter reporting or an urgent project from your executive team? PLEXOS Cloud has you covered.

PLEXOS Cloud features additional user interfaces for analysts, stakeholders, and executives.

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Cloud Security & Compliance

PLEXOS Cloud also utilizes the highest levels of security and compliance, including:

ISO 27001 Certified
Annual SOC 2 Type 1 Audit
Encryption at rest & in-transit
Maintenance and patching
Third-party vulnerability and penetration testing
24x7 monitoring & support

The X Factor: PLEXOS Meets Excel

Do you live and breathe Excel everyday? With the PLEXOS Cloud Microsoft Excel Plugin, you can edit all of your data right within Excel.

Our tool is built directly into Excel. Continue working in the program you love, then sync your data to PLEXOS Cloud to run optimizations.

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Simulate the future with PLEXOS.

Consolidate modeling across electric power, water, and gas systems and reduce overall scenario run time.



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PLEXOS Cloud integrates seamlessly with your storage applications and Microsoft Excel. With the Microsoft Desktop Plugin, you can edit data directly within Excel and then upload data to PLEXOS Cloud to run optimizations.

More integrations coming soon!