The Energy Analytics and Decision Platform for all Systems

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with the volume of data available and rate of change the energy industry is currently experiencing.

PLEXOS gives you the power to unify all your data streams – in any granularity – into a single, unified energy modeling and forecasting platform. Its powerful simulation engine analyzes zonal and nodal energy models ranging from long-term investment planning to medium-term operational planning and down to short-term, hourly, and intra-hourly market simulations.

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PLEXOS® is the world's most powerful energy market simulation engine providing analytics and decision-support to modelers, generators, and market analysts— offering flexible and precise simulations across electric, water, gas and renewable energy markets.

Unlimited flexibility

Model Your Way

Configure PLEXOS with a limitless collection of scenarios, customized constraints, conditional variables, physical elements, simulation horizons, durations of simulation period, phases in the integration and model resolution.

This data-driven flexibility creates a dynamic solving engine: it adapts to your data producing the right balance of detail and performance while giving you ultimate scalability and ultra-fine control.

PLEXOS is also completely transparent. If you want to see how the solution delivered the results, all equations, objective functions and constraints are open for you to review.

  • Run real-world studies for greater accuracy
  • Analyze hundreds of scenarios for richer insights
  • Co-optimize electricity, water and gas systems
  • Simulate competitive behaviors
  • Calibrate your simulations to maximize accuracy versus speed
  • Demonstrate auditable results
  • Complete control of constraints in your modeling runs
Model Your Way

A Uniquely Unified Approach to Energy

Discover Hidden Value with Co-optimized Energy Market Simulation

While other simulation software only models energy markets separately, PLEXOS allows you to understand the market variations across the entire energy landscape: electric, water, and gas.

Perform long- term planning, Projected Assessment of System Adequacy (PASA), medium-term and short- term scheduling, with each phase automatically connected to the others.

  • Create one source of truth for the entire organization
  • Maximize your profitability across multiple commodities
  • Reduce your IT costs and timelines
  • Make decisions based on real-world scenarios
  • Streamline your input/output processes and reduce errors
  • Work more efficiently across teams by eliminating iterative planning

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What's New

PLEXOS is the world's most powerful energy market simulation platform and with our latest feature enhancements, we make it easy to solve for modern challenges acing our industry today - and what's yet to come.


Plan the Future of Energy with PLEXOS

Consolidate modeling across electric power, water, and gas systems and reduce overall scenario run time.