PLEXOS Insights for Traders  

Seeking a competitive edge in the day-ahead European power markets?

Experience PLEXOS Insights for Traders - Maximise your edge in power markets

  • A 1% improvement in forecast accuracy could secure you an additional £1m annually, with just 120 MW day-ahead exposure. Our customers have seen an average of 1-2% increase in performance.
  • Access fully calibrated fundamental forecasts without the need for building and maintaining models internally.
  • Customise price forecasts and trading strategies effortlessly based on your own proprietary assumptions.

PLEXOS Insights for Traders is a fully calibrated fundamental model for key European markets. It utilizes the power of PLEXOS, the world's most powerful energy market simulation engine, and integrates seamlessly with Energy Exemplar's precisely calibrated European PLEXOS Datasets and our streamlined in-house Market Data platform.

Users can confidently access daily updated results through an intuitive dashboard or API, covering interconnected markets across Central and Western Europe. 

  • Weather Variability and Supply Shocks - Navigate short-term fundamentals like weather variability, supply shocks, unit-level dynamics, and interconnector flows to effectively manage risk amidst market complexities
  • Scenario-based Price Forecasting – Utilize our approach to evaluate a vast range of what-if scenario, enabling traders to derive price forecasts and quickly identify opportunities based on their own proprietary assumptions
  • Unit-Level Stack Model – Gain unparalleled detail into specific units
  • Portfolio Analysis – Deep dive into specific units to forecast and hedge generation
  • Marginal Unit Analysis – Understand which unit is setting the price across Europe
  • Cross Continent Correlation Analysis – Understand correlations, analyse location spread opportunities and deep-dive into interconnector flows

The market won't wait

If you are a trader or manage a trading desk and want to deepen your understanding of power market fundamentals, then look no further. With markets growing increasingly complex, traders without a fundamental view are often chasing the trends.

Our solution tackles this complexity, enabling you to strategically navigate the market rather than merely keeping pace with it.

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