Simulation-Ready Datasets

Understanding the changing energy landscape requires more modeling and simulation runs to make decisions with confidence. Underpinning your every decision is the trust that your data is accurate and well sourced. But collecting data, and ensuring its precision, to accurately model the energy ecosystem takes precious time and resources.


With Energy Exemplar Datasets, the accuracy of your simulations will never be an issue. Our Datasets are publicly sourced, extensively tested, and continuously updated.


Our Simulation Ready Datasets are pre-made by our dedicated global team of experts so that you can immediately start modeling with confidence on PLEXOS. Energy Exemplar's datasets easily overlay over your own data, maintain proprietary updates and incorporate the latest industry data from ISOs/TSOs, regional entities, and government agencies. Both nodal and zonal configured datasets are updated annually.


  • Faster start-up
  • Accuracy and reliability
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Better decision making
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“With Energy Exemplar’s cutting-edge technology, energy stakeholders around the world can help build a more reliable and economic energy future.” 
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Sheila Hollis

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Market Models Ready to Run

Model with Confidence

Energy Exemplar datasets are pre-configured market models allowing users to run analyses with lower start-up costs and unmatched data accuracy. Run analysis such as:

Long-term and short-term power price formation
Transmission congestion
Fuel consumption and budgeting
Valuation of new generation projects for both renewable and thermal generators
Timing of new resource additions and retirement decisions
Impact of generator and transmission outages
and more

All power datasets come with a pre-configured backcast year of hourly model results, demonstrating the model's accuracy. In North America and Europe, the datasets also come with long-term capacity build-out and corresponding power price forecast covering a 10 to 25-year horizon.

NAM Gas Model - desktop

Gas Fundamental Market Model

Capture the daily dynamic movement of gas prices and flow. Clearly understand the relationship between the gas market's daily fluctuations and changes in electricity load and dispatch patterns.

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Regional Power Datasets


North America
Latin America
Asia - Pacific
Map of Global Datasets

North America

NAM datasets

North American Datasets are available for both PLEXOS and Aurora and available for zonal or nodal analysis covering ERCOT, WECC and EIC. North American datasets include a 20+ year price forecast for 139 areas, incorporating over 26,000 generators with unique operating characteristics.

With our North American Datasets you'll be able to:

Understand the impact of new generators and load growth on power prices
Run you own sensitivities and cases on top of our benchmarked Simulation Ready Datasets
Understand congestion and LMPs with our nodal product

Latin America

LATAM Datasets-1

The Simulation Ready Latin America Dataset includes a 15 to 30 year price forecast for 53 zones, incorporating over 600 generators with unique operating characteristics.



EMEA Datasets v2

Our Simulation Ready Datasets are available for wholesale European electricity market analysis. Our pan-European dataset is calibrated as an integrated whole to capture the increasingly complex, coupled nature of the European power market. We also provide regional datasets comprising Central & Western Europe, Northern Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Southeastern Europe and Turkey. We provide individual or connected countries on request.

The European Dataset includes a reproducible backcast for 2021 and a forecast to 2050 for each European bidding zone, based on ENTSO-E’s Ten Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) scenarios. The dataset is at a highly granular level, enabling detailed fundamental analysis of the day ahead (spot) power market, incorporating 3,616 generators with detailed, chronological operating characteristics. The dataset also includes a representation of new, hydrogen-based technologies, batteries and CO2 emissions.

We leverage public domain sources:

Our primary source is the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform, from which demand, generator, renewables and hydro profiles, REMIT outage data and benchmarking data is obtained. For the British market, data is sourced from Elexon.
Forecast data is sourced from ENTSO-E’s TYNDP. Plant characteristics are sourced from ENTSO-E’s MAF.
This data is supplemented by other public domain sourced data, including TSO websites, generation owner and utility websites and other high quality sources.

Asia Pacific

APAC Datasets

Our Simulation Ready Datasets are available for Australia NEM, Australia WEM, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Uncover the potential of precise modeling and data-rich insights.

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