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Natural Gas Fundamental Datasets for PLEXOS®

Track the daily ebb and flow of gas prices with ease and gain insights into how these fluctuations impact the electricity market. Understand the intricate link between gas markets, gas production, storage inventories, and North American gas flows.

Traditional statistical models and technical analysis often fall short in predicting natural gas market trends due to their reliance on past data.

Recognizing this gap, Energy Exemplar engineered groundbreaking gas fundamental datasets for PLEXOS. These datasets offer a comprehensive, calibrated simulation of natural gas markets, tailored for the modern era. Designed for customization, they enable users to explore various scenarios and sensitivities, deepening their understanding of crucial market drivers and forecasting potential future outcomes. With our platform, you can model the entire gas ecosystem and stay ahead of the evolving low carbon economy. 

Gas markets across the globe are experiencing fundamental change

Answer billion-dollar questions with unprecedented clarity

government policy

Regional Policy Impact Analysis

PLEXOS Gas offers a comprehensive model of the entire gas network infrastructure across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. It's equipped with features to simulate gas field production, underground storage, LNG terminals, basis price differentials, and pipeline flows providing a complete overview of the current natural gas landscape. 

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Transparency into market uncertainties

With our advanced modeling tools, you can analyze and comprehend the effects of transportation bottlenecks, infrastructure developments, weather patterns impacting demand, market pricing, and evolving technology trends. Plus, explore future market scenarios all the way through to 2050, equipping you with foresight for strategic planning.

gas infastructure

Infrastructure Investment insights

Optimize your infrastructure to seamlessly encompass the whole gas ecosystem. Our approach includes planning for both current and future expansions, covering gas processing plants, pipelines, storage facilities, and LNG plants, ensuring your setup is perfectly scaled to meet evolving demands.

gas hub pirce forecasts

Gas Hub Price Forecasts

Go beyond standard futures modeling and explore the effects of unpredictable elements like extreme weather events or unexpected outages on key assets. Our tools provide precise modeling capabilities for a more comprehensive understanding of potential impacts. 

Learn More about Regional Datasets

Explore a detailed overview of gas market infrastructure and the fundamental forces driving the market. Our platform offers an in-depth representation, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the industry landscape.

Simulate the interplay of gas supplies, pipeline flows, storage inventory, and pricing modeling the primary characteristics of the natural gas industry and easily modifying assumptions from weather to pipeline maintenance and availability. 

Zoom into the map, where you can analyze individual nodes such as the Chicago city gate to analyze price changes overtime, 

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pipeline flow analysis

Analyze pipeline flow across the entire network.

Analyze congestion's impact on pricing across the entire network or a specific pipeline.

Analyze congestion's impact on pricing across the entire network or a specific pipeline.

pipeline flow congestion analysis
gas storage analysis

Gas storage and gas price arbitrage

Analyze inter-hub pricing and future forecasting by zooming into detailed pricing at the hub level, with daily-level granularity.

gas node analysis

Regional Gas Datasets

Simulate any market possibility in real time

North American Gas Dataset

Explore our PLEXOS dataset for the North American Gas Market, a comprehensive tool that offers an unparalleled view of the entire gas ecosystem across the U.S. Canada and Mexico. With this dataset, you have access to essential data for understanding future LNG exports and imports, various supply scenarios, the effects of evolving demand patterns, fundamental gas price analysis, and much more. In today's era of market unpredictability, this dataset is a valuable resource for uncovering insights and answering critical questions about the global gas market. 

Model components include:

  • Price Hubs and Interconnects: Access data from 147 key locations.
  • Underground Storage Facilities: Includes 379 sites for comprehensive coverage.
  • Supply Nodes: Analyze 165 critical supply points.
  • International Border Points: Monitor 43 crucial international trade locations.
  • LNG Terminals: Features 18 LNG terminals, covering both export and import activities.
  • Demand Nodes: Includes 508 nodes to track demand patterns.
  • Extensive Pipeline Network: Comprises 172 interstate and intrastate pipelines, with more than 1600 segments including gathering, interstate, and intrastate pipelines.
  • Detailed Reporting Options: Choose by sector, census region, division, state, province, or country for targeted insights

Stay ahead of the market transition

European Gas Dataset

Discover our comprehensive dataset for PLEXOS, tailored for European gas use cases. This essential dataset offers a current and detailed perspective of the entire gas market ecosystem. It equips you with the necessary tools to understand the demand/supply balance, security of supply, market prices, and more. In a time of extreme uncertainty, this dataset is invaluable, enabling you to explore various gas scenarios and their potential impact on your operations or investment. 

Model components include:

  • Comprehensive Insight: Get an in-depth understanding of European gas market drivers, including production, LNG, imports, storage, flows, and prices.
  • Detailed Daily Market Simulation: Experience how the European gas market operates on a daily basis with our detailed simulations.
  • Historical Calibration: Our model is backcasted against actual market data from 2019 to 2022 for accuracy and reliability.
  • Hydrogen: the European Gas model includes Hydrogen supply, transportation and demand integrated with the European natural gas markets.
  • Future Scenarios: Explore ready-to-use future market scenarios extending up to 2050, helping you prepare for potential market developments.

Asia-Pacific Gas Dataset

Explore our expertly crafted dataset for PLEXOS, specifically designed for Asia-Pacific gas market scenarios. This fundamental dataset offers a contemporary and comprehensive view of the gas market. It provides key insights into demand and supply balance, security of supply, market prices, and flows. It’s an invaluable resource in times of uncertainty, allowing you to analyze various gas scenarios and their effects on your operations or investments.  

Key Features of our Natural Gas Models Include:

  • Detailed Market Drivers Analysis: Understand the dynamics with a fundamental view of the Asia-Pacific gas market, including production, competition between LNG and pipeline imports, storage, and price fluctuations.
  • Monthly and Daily Simulations: Experience how the Asia-Pacific gas market operates on both monthly and daily scales.
  • Historical Calibration: Backcast against actual market data from 2019 to 2022 for accuracy.
  • Future Scenarios to 2050: Out-of-the-box projections of potential market outcomes up to 2050.
  • Advanced Modeling: Includes carbon emissions, energy storage, LNG, renewable natural gas, and hydrogen.
  • Expanded Predictive Capabilities: Go beyond publicly available gas futures prices for forecasting.
  • Impact Analysis: Assess the effects of weather changes and unplanned events on the gas market.