Maximize your Trading Edge with PLEXOS Insights

Looking to take your power trading to the next level? Use our calibrated fundamental model which leverages both PLEXOS and our cutting-edge datasets to create an edge in your Power Markets.

Optimized for Traders, By Traders

Tailored Strategic Insights

Scenario based model allowing users to leverage their own proprietary assumptions

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Market leading precision driven by our calibrated fundamental view, regularly updated by in-house experts.

Unmatched Simulation Excellence

Tap into unparalleled capabilities of the world-renowned simulation engine PLEXOS

Seamless Data Integration

Our API seamlessly integrates real-time, rigorously calibrated data into your workflows, keeping your insights current and comprehensive.

Key Benefits and Features of PLEXOS Insights

  • Enhanced Forecasting Accuracy - Increase your forecasting performance by 1 to 2%.
  • Expert Analysis - Leverage our team of dedicated expert analysts generating precise base forecasts
  • Customize Trading Analysis - Craft trading and hedging strategies aligned precisely with your unique goals
  • Proactive Risk Analysis - With greater foresight, you can mitigate downsides and capitalize on upside potential

Operating on the trusted PLEXOS Platform

Backed by the world's leading energy market simulation platform trusted by over 500 organizations

PLEXOS Insights for Traders is available in the following regions

Central & Western Europe

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ERCOT (Texas)

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