The Solution to the Future of Energy

We know how challenging it can be to meet aggressive carbon footprint targets.

PLEXOS solves the problem of high-carbon power generation by considering other lower-carbon options, such as hydrogen.

With co-optimization across energy systems, you’ll have the ability to make more informed decisions beyond a single sector—something that’s unmatched by other simulations in the industry.

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Whether the ability to model co-generation or look at the most recent hydrogen, renewables or fuel projections all the capabilities we wanted to have were offered by a single product which is PLEXOS 
Milad Yousef

Milad Yousef

Strategic Projects & Development Advisor Strategy -Department of Energy Abu Dhabi

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Find the Best Investment with PLEXOS

When it comes to hydrogen and the future of energy, PLEXOS can help you simplify complex investment decisions.

PLEXOS has the ability to factor hydrogen into the equation—alongside power and gas—so you can better understand the viability of this emerging technology from an economic perspective.

Don’t make long-term investment decisions on alternative, less-informed strategies. Find the best investment with PLEXOS.

Unify Your Approach to Hydrogen

Looking at gas and power as independent systems is an outdated approach.

PLEXOS allows for the interconnection of gas, power, and hydrogen—as well as capabilities around fuel-blending that are produced by blending hydrogen with methane and other natural gases.

This uniquely unified approach makes PLEXOS the only solution to the future of energies.

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A New Solution to Energy Storage

More than just reducing emissions, hydrogen also presents a new opportunity for energy storage.

Using batteries to store energy is often expensive and limited by a short use of life.

Alternatively, hydrogen is able to be stored in a vessel, which offers an extended life compared to batteries—a contributing factor in simulations that can help you lower costs.

Uncover the potential of precise modeling and data-rich insights.

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