Optimize Decision Making Across Energy Systems

Unify your market simulations across electric, gas, water and hydrogen energy systems. Perform long, medium, and short-term planning — all on one intuitive platform.

Model and understand the entire energy landscape

Actionable insights that include market price forecasting, policy analysis, and maintenance planning.



At the highest level, PLEXOS gives users in the Electricity market the flexibility to model the operational detail of all their different assets and corresponding characteristics. PLEXOS also has the ability to co-optimize amongst energy markets to maximize the profitability and the performance of your assets. Optimize your capital allocation to provide long-term, low-cost power where it’s needed. In the medium and short-term, PLEXOS helps you manage your assets whether you are looking to dispatch, commit, or get contracts.


Ensure your organization is future-ready. PLEXOS can account for endless scenarios to show you what the future of the gas market may look like including the effect of emissions policies, the integration of renewable resources, and the impact renewables resources will ultimately have on natural gas.

PLEXOS helps organizations adhere to regulatory requirements so they can ensure the reliable delivery of gas at the least-cost to the end-user.


PLEXOS supports your organization’s reduction in emissions strategy by modeling renewables, helping you meet your carbon footprint targets. The software accounts for emissions standards and reacts accordingly as you replace high-carbon generation options with lower carbon options like hydrogen.

Evaluate hydrogen investment decisions with PLEXOS. With co-optimization across energy systems, you’ll have the ability to make informed decisions based on the economic viability of hydrogen in comparison to alternative strategies like paying carbon penalties or battery storage.


PLEXOS enables water utilities to model energy as part of an interconnected system. Within PLEXOS Water, users can model desalination plants of various technologies and pumping stations in greater detail.

Make informed pump commitment decisions based on variability in demand and electricity price, lowering your overall energy costs.

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