The future of energy market modeling.

Energy Exemplar’s latest offering built to compliment the award-winning PLEXOS platform. PLEXOS Cloud brings more interaction, greater precision, and deeper contextual insights to energy market modeling. With PLEXOS Cloud’s flexible infrastructure, stay ahead of the curve by scaling compute capacity for peak study periods and stochastic runs.

  • Faster Startup
  • Deeper Insights
  • Enhanced Connectivity
  • Unmatched Performance
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PLEXOS Cloud helped to enhance the visibility of the network, creating a better understanding of the integration and overall situational awareness between the generation solutions on top of the transmission network and the resulting power flows and grid economics.

Lincoy Small

Power System Engineer, Jamaica Public Services Company

Stay ahead of shifting market dynamics with:

Faster Startup

Faster Startup

Spend more time maximizing simulations and less time wrangling data. Simulation-ready datasets from around the world offer faster time to analysis.

Enhanced Connectivity

Enhanced Connectivity

PLEXOS Cloud API offers faster integrations than ever before while still offering all of the key capabilities available in the on-prem solution. Users can upload data, run simulations, view study status, and download outputs, all from the API.


Deeper Insights:

Stochastic dashboards summarize results across hundreds of runs, allowing users to easily interpret and leverage study outputs. Role-based visualization drives stakeholder engagement and empowers teams with the right information.


Unmatched Performance

With PLEXOS Cloud you can run simulations in minutes vs. days to hours on traditional infrastructure. No modeling runs are too complex. Leverage instant access to thousands of cores anytime, anywhere.

Seamless integration

with your existing infrastructure


PLEXOS Cloud extends the features of the on-prem PLEXOS software, to offer revolutionary compute power in a modern user interface.

PLEXOS Cloud offers a single, unified system for running and communicating studies across all users, markets, and locations. This holistic system increases operational vision, so users can utilize insights for developing rate cases, integrated resource planning, and presentations to oversight boards.

Whether you are conducting price forecasting, evaluating capital investments, or assessing risk, PLEXOS Cloud can accelerate your time-to-decision while offering greater precision in study outcomes.

Scale Compute Power to Match your Needs


PLEXOS Cloud radically changes how your organization runs market simulations and communicates study outcomes. Data-intensive simulations can take hours or even days to complete using on-premise compute resources. With PLEXOS Cloud's advanced computing capacity you can dramatically reduce simulation run times.

Run simulations in minutes with PLEXOS Cloud that would take days on traditional infrastructure. With PLEXOS Cloud’s flexible compute, users can right-size their environment with scalable resources, including cores, memory, and clock speed.

cloud simulations

Over 2 Million simulations run on PLEXOS Cloud


Millions of API calls made per day on PLEXOS Cloud

Customized Toolsets for Deeper Insights

Evaluating model run outputs takes time. PLEXOS Cloud enables modelers and planners to analyze hundreds of model runs faster and more accurately than ever before. Analyzing scenarios through geospatial environments allows you to quickly visualize and gain insights into model results. And with PLEXOS Cloud’s stochastic dashboards you can summarize results across hundreds of runs, allowing users to more easily interpret and leverage study outputs.

Congestion Analysis
Monte Carlo Simulation
Integrated Resource Planning
PLEXOS Cloud Insights
curve view-web

Enhanced Reporting

Transform insights into data-driven decisions. 

Executive level reports and dashboards are out of the box within PLEXOS Cloud. When you use PLEXOS Cloud, extract maximum value from your research without having to spend time scripting and formatting model runs into third party extensions.  Collaborate with your entire team on a single, unified platform you already trust and uses your data productively.  

Looking for even greater flexibility? PLEXOS Cloud integrates directly with Microsoft Power BI to share reporting and analysis across your entire organization and on tools familiar to your team.

security-darkbluePLEXOS Cloud protects your data with:

Best in class security

End-to-end security has never been more critical, and PLEXOS Cloud provides world-class protection. With PLEXOS Cloud, data is secure, backed up, and recoverable. In other words, it’s disaster-proof.

Data encryption in transit and at rest with application tenant-level encryption
Regular security scans, penetration testing, and vulnerability testing performed by a 3rd party
Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication to integrate with existing organization access
24x7 Application Monitoring, Security Monitoring, and Support
Status page to view real-time status, incidents, and notifications on planned maintenance
Recurring backups and disaster recovery
Each customer has their own tenant, no other customer can access that tenant
ISO 27001 Certification
SOC 2 Type 1 and SOC 2 Type 2

The X Factor: PLEXOS Meets Excel

Do you live and breathe Excel everyday? With the PLEXOS Cloud Microsoft Excel Plugin, you can edit all of your data right within Excel.

Our tool is built directly into Excel. Continue working in the program you love, then sync your data to PLEXOS Cloud to run optimizations.


PLEXOS Cloud integrates seamlessly with your storage applications and Microsoft Excel. With the Microsoft Desktop Plugin, you can edit data directly within Excel and then upload data to PLEXOS Cloud to run optimizations.

More integrations coming soon!