Unlock the Benefits of Natural Gas

The transition to a lower-carbon economy is driving the evolution of gas supply and power planning needs.

PLEXOS can help you master this transition to gas or the use of gas as a primary fuel. Our customers make the most accurate predictions and take the most profitable actions, to fully realize benefits with natural gas.

PLEXOS is also the only model that takes a whole-system view, optimizing both gas and electricity to create new insights and opportunities compared to the legacy approach.

Why did we choose PLEXOS Gas? Well, first off PLEXOS Gas offers robust features and functionality that not only meet our minimal requirements but also encourages us to enhance our models further.

Patrick d'Entremont

Planning Analyst - NiSource

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Gas and Power

Built on modern portfolio theory, PLEXOS is the number one portfolio management tool for organizations looking to make decisions on their entire energy system, from molecule to meter.

With PLEXOS, you can configure the complete electric topology, zonal or nodal, as well as the complete gas topology from the wellhead to the city gate. This integrated approach to topology and constraints ensures that gas generation is run only when economical while maintaining the reliability requirements of the gas distribution system, including storage targets.

Gas Planning

Gas planning requires that the right supply of gas is available to meet an ever-changing demand.

Stop settling for workarounds, inaccurate gas dispatch, or spreadsheet models. Your stakeholders, regulators, and customers rely on cost-efficient, predictable gas supply from wellhead to burner tip.

PLEXOS Gas offers fundamental market simulation and portfolio optimization, providing insight from short-term dispatch schedules through long-term integrated resource plans.

By combining traditional resource planning requirements while also considering the emerging challenges, PLEXOS delivers winning results.

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LNG is the present and future of global power and heat. Natural gas price fluctuations, greater supply options, and off-system market sales are already impacting every power and gas utility.

With the shale boom in the US, decommissioning of nuclear facilities in Japan, and energy growth in southeast Asia, LNG has become a global fuel that is actively replacing the legacy generation.

PLEXOS Gas gives you a suite of simulation tools to model contractual risk, review cargo diversion options, and conduct siting studies to ensure market conditions support capacity, location, and timing.

Uncover the potential of precise modeling and data-rich insights.

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