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Energy Exemplar and E3 Partner to Unlock the Next Level of Energy Modeling

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A New Alliance to Accelerate the Energy Transition

Salt Lake City, April 9, 2024: Energy modeling software provider Energy Exemplar today announced a new strategic channel partnership with Energy + Environmental Economics (E3), a leading energy consultancy. This partnership helps drive the energy transition by combining powerful technology with valuable data and insights from both companies and their work with notable organizations across the energy sector.


E3 is a leading strategic energy advisor with influential clients in the US and globally. While the company develops and uses various tools for their analyses, E3 has increasingly turned to Energy Exemplar’s flagship platform PLEXOS to help clients solve their most pressing planning and investment challenges. PLEXOS is the engine powering E3’s North American wholesale market price forecasting services, which has been used to support and underwrite billions of dollars of energy transition investments.  

“By joining forces with our long-standing, valued client E3, we aim to accelerate the adoption of the PLEXOS platform and drive innovation in energy solutions. Being part of our Product Innovation Partnership program, E3 has had invaluable real-world input into our product development over the years, contributing to the constant innovation on our platform. This partnership cements and deepens that relationship."

 - David Wilson, CEO at Energy Exemplar

The partnership between Energy Exemplar and E3 will result in faster refinement of the PLEXOS modeling platform by leveraging input from E3’s advanced user base, as well as more sophisticated technical offerings, customer service, and energy solutions being offered to E3’s diverse set of clients. The new alliance will also empower energy stakeholders to make strategic decisions by combining Energy Exemplar’s innovative technology with E3’s impartial analyses. Furthermore, E3 will be able to leverage the global reach of the PLEXOS platform, while Energy Exemplar will become the preferred technology provider for E3’s clients. 

“PLEXOS is an industry-leading energy modeling platform which is widely utilized across the US and internationally. It has extensive and ever-growing functionalities and a robust training and support system, which is beneficial to our clients. We’re excited to deepen our commitment to the platform by working closely with the development team and training up our PLEXOS analysts to help enable clean energy solutions.

We view this partnership as a natural next step toward better supporting our clients.

- Amber Mahone, Managing Partner at E3

Energy Exemplar and E3 share a common vision to revolutionize the energy industry. This partnership transcends geographical boundaries and industry sectors, focusing on delivering innovative and sustainable solutions to the world's most pressing energy challenges.


About Energy Exemplar: In an era where the world is rapidly advancing towards a cleaner future through decarbonization, stakeholders from across the entire energy value chain are having to navigate the complexities of the energy ecosystem. We seek to enable our customers to do so with confidence – we want to ‘Empower Transformative Energy Decisions’. 
Founded in 1999 in Adelaide, Australia, Energy Exemplar’s award-winning PLEXOS modeling and simulation platform is utilized by over 500 businesses across more than 80 countries to revolutionize the future of energy with clarity, speed, and innovation. 

About E3: Established in 1989, Energy + Environmental Economics (E3) is an energy consulting firm specializing in guiding utilities, regulators, policymakers, developers, and investors towards optimal strategic decisions in the rapidly evolving energy landscape. With a commitment to clarity and impartiality, E3's influence includes high-profile public energy transition engagements in leading clean energy jurisdictions. E3's energy advisory practice supports financial institutions and equity investors in mapping out how electricity prices and asset values will evolve over time in the context of clean energy policies. With a team of dedicated experts and a focus on unbiased analysis, E3 shapes the energy industry with their analytically rigorous, 360-degree perspective. E3 is a part of Willdan Group Inc., a public company transitioning communities to clean energy and a sustainable future. 

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