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Visualizing LNG Inventory Trends

Tohoku Electric Power is the fourth largest electric utility in Japan.  It services 7.6 million people in six prefectures.  Tohoku Electric owns more than 16 GW of power generation facilities, including hydro, thermal, geothermal, solar, and nuclear.  It additionally owns a fuel LNG receiving terminal and pipelines. 

Use Cases

  • Cost of gas forecasts
  • Operations and scheduling support
  • Contracting and hedge evaluation
  • Gas/ power co-optimization

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Tohoku Electric's Interview with the Denki Shimbun (The Electric Daily News) on PLEXOS

Key employees at Tohoku Electric Power recently say down with the Denki Shimbun to explain how they're using PLEXOS. Read the blog to learn more about key takeaways!

Joint Press

PLEXOS Selected for Optimization Plan of Tohoku Electric Power Co.

Tohoku Electric Power Company selected PLEXOS to optimize the entire energy system and value chain from fuel to power generation, sales, and trading to maximize profits in light of changing and volatile markets. Read more about their decision to select PLEXOS in the news story. 

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