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Understanding the Future with PLEXOS

The University College Cork's (UCC) Environmental Research Institute (ERI) has a defined mission of generating research to understand and protect our natural environment, develop technologies, tools, services and policy knowledge to facilitate a transformation to a zero carbon, resource efficient, and sustainable society.  Members of the research faculty at UCC's ERI have been using PLEXOS in their research for the last 15 years - helping them understand the future, and plan for the energy transition.

Use Cases

  • Energy Transition Research
  • Resource Planning
  • Resource Adequacy
  • Policy and Strategy
  • Hydrogen Modeling
  • Battery Modeling
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Proof Point

Researching challenges, risks, and uncertainties of the future

Case Study Presentation

Modeling Net Zero Energy Systems in PLEXOS

Proof Point

Global Modeling of an Integrated Electricity & Hydrogen Model

Case Study Presentation

Modeling Global Trade of Hydrogen and its Derivatives in the Universal Class

Panel Discussion

Emissions Modeling & Net Zero Planning

Case Study Presentation

Batteries and Interconnection: Competing or Complementary Roles in the European Power System

Look into the Future

Evaluate challenges, risks, and uncertainties to plan for a sustainable future