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Decarbonization & Hydrogen Modeling

Part 2 of our Hydrogen Webinar Series

Starting in the current decade and moving into the future, Hydrogen will play an increasingly important role in decarbonizing a range of sectors, including power generation. Many questions remain unanswered with regards to how exactly Hydrogen can be integrated into existing energy flow networks and what impacts this will have on system dynamics and power prices. An accurate prediction of the evolution of Hydrogen ecosystems requires a robust quantitative system modeling approach.

In this webinar, hear how Mitsubishi Power used PLEXOS Electric, Gas and Water modules and developed an Integrated Decarbonization Model (IDM) to identify optimal decarbonization strategies for several regions, ISOs/RTOs, and electric/gas utilities. IDM incorporates detailed system modeling to study the impact of Hydrogen on decarbonization goals and timelines. It captures the intricate correlations between Hydrogen and other decarbonization technologies, such as Solar, Wind, Batteries, Nuclear, and Carbon Capture (pre- and post-combustion), instead of treating hydrogen like a naturally existing energy commodity. It identifies least cost solutions for decarbonizing power generation based on technology parameters, geographic constraints, natural resource constraints and cross-sectoral impacts including decarbonization of heavy industry, agriculture, refinery, chemicals, and transportation sectors.

In this webinar, we dive deeper into:

  1. The background of Mitsubishi Power’s modeling efforts
  2. Modeling methodologies, including their limitations and real-world interpretations of model results
  3. Valuable modeling insights to help you on your energy transition journey

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Rob Homer
Senior Product Manager
Energy Exemplar

Hari Gopalakrishnan
Manager, Market Intelligence & Strategy
Mitsubishi Power Americas


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