PLEXOS 5-Day Certification Course


Course FAQs 

1. What is the Certified PLEXOS Professional about?
  • It is a 5-day certification course offered by Energy Exemplar's PLEXOS platform.
  • Designed for skilled modelers in the energy industry to meet growing demand.
2. Why Certify?
  • Enhance professional trajectory.
  • Demonstrate expertise with a globally recognized certification.
  • Be part of the change in solving real-world energy problems.
3. What does the certification program include
  • Access to PLEXOS
  • Access to our learning platform Xpert for courses
  • Led by expert instructors.
  • Comprehensive 5-day workshop with hands-on training, exercises, real-world use cases, and an examination.
  • Participants earn a widely recognized credential.
4. Who is it for?
  • Modelers, students, professors, researchers, and developers looking to gain an edge in the job market.
  • Designed for those seeking to increase knowledge of Energy Exemplar’s products and grow their network.
5. Where and When:
  • Offered in-person and virtually in 2024.
  • Events are held quarterly in different regions.
  • Events are scheduled throughout the year.
6. How to get involved:
  • Sign up today for limited seating.
  • Events available on a first-come, first-served basis.

7. How much does it cost:
  • Registration fee: $1,600 USD (or local currency) per participant.
  • Attendees cover travel, accommodation, and meals, while Energy Exemplar provides lunch at the venue.


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