LT Modelling to reach Net Zero Emissions - Introducing Chronology for Modelling Short-term Storage


Traditionally, simple methods such as load duration curves have been used to perform capacity expansion planning. Now, the UAE, and indeed the world, are decarbonising rapidly, significantly changing power system dynamics and modelling needs to keep up with the changes due to these ambitious goals. Numerous regions, including the UAE, are moving to a power system with high Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) penetration and energy storage is essential to enable this. Traditional Long-Term modelling methods are not able to model these systems, therefore, to assess the optimal energy mix in a decarbonised world, modellers need to introduce methods to capture chronology in their LT models.

EWEC (Emirates Water and Electricity Company) presents some of the challenges and lessons learnt from incorporating this modelling improvement into our planning.


Showcased at Xcelerate Barcelona - 2023 

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