At Energy Exemplar, we're committed to enhancing your energy modeling experience with our latest updates. Our new features in PLEXOS offer extended forecast accuracy, intuitive data visualization, and effortless data extraction, making your workflows more efficient. Discover the benefits of our advanced solutions and start planning with PLEXOS today.

PLEXOS Insights for Traders - GB/ DE/ FR/ NL

Extended Forecast Accuracy

Our fundamental 14-day forecast has been extended to 180 days, providing a broader view of the traded market. The new streamlined UI offers a faster, more intuitive experience, while the Click-Through ULA accelerates trial access. Additionally, API access allows you to integrate these insights directly into your analytics. These enhancements deliver multiple price scenarios that simulate realistic market events, incorporate Flow-Based Market Coupling, and offer a fully automated end-to-end process.


Intuitive Data Visualization

Our latest PLEXOS Map improvements feature a heat map and a search box, enhancing the display and navigation of geographic data. The heat map provides an intuitive display of data patterns through color gradients, making it easier to visualize hotspots and anomalies. This data visualization simplifies complex information, aiding in quick identification of trends and anomalies, and improving object navigation. The search box enhances accuracy and saves time by allowing users to locate point objects efficiently.

PLEXOS Cloud Map Improvements Search Box

Effortless Data Extraction with Excel Add-In

The newly updated PLEXOS Cloud Excel Add-In simplifies the process of extracting solution outputs and retaining formulas in cells when refreshing data. With this feature, users can fetch up to five relevant solution outputs with a single click, streamlining their workflow. Once an output dashboard is created, it automatically updates every time a simulation runs on PLEXOS Cloud, making post-processing more efficient and intuitive.

Energy Exemplar remains dedicated to continuous development, bringing you the most powerful and user-friendly energy modeling solutions available. Stay tuned for even more exciting features coming soon! 

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July 1, 2024

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