Our monthly update highlights several key developments in our platform focusing on user experience, efficiency and security. The release of PLEXOS Insights for Traders in the German market, some major improvements to the PLEXOS Cloud compute credit system, and substantial upgrades to the Central License Manager (CLM), PLEXOS 9.2 R08, and Aurora 15.0 reflect our continuing commitment to delivering technology that meets our customers' needs and providing services that are more streamlined, efficient and secure. 

Expansion of PLEXOS Insights for Traders - Germany

The debut of PLEXOS Insights for Traders in the German (DE) market expands our European presence, building up from our established and growing activity in the United Kingdom (UK) and elsewhere on the continent. PLEXOS Insights for Traders provides a detailed  API dashboard, updated daily with a 14-day forecast for both UK and DE electricity markets. PLEXOS Insights for Traders UK and DE provide advanced analytical tools including Price Forecasts, Stack Model and Price Correlation analysis, specifically designed for UK and DE traders. These tools also enable straightforward market navigation and deliver market-based insights to support well-informed trading decisions. PLEXOS Insights for traders features a seamlessly automated process for trading decision support from data gathering to dashboard display, ensuring that traders can operate efficiently and effectively right from the first click. PLEXOS Insights for Traders is comprehensively beneficial for entire trading firms, mission critical for algorithmic and screen traders and brokers, and essential for anyone else with a stake in  short-term European electricity markets. 









PLEXOS Insights for Traders is built for a wide variety of trading use cases from firm supply procurement to hedging arbitrage. PLEXOS Insights for Traders is the fast-emerging tool of choice for traders who must have sharp and powerful insights to excel in markets.

PLEXOS Cloud Enhancements

PLEXOS Cloud Compute Credit

PLEXOS Cloud now features an updated computational credit system, delivering more granular credit calculations in sub-hourly increments starting at 15-minute intervals and ramping to 5-minute intervals instead of whole hour intervals. This PLEXOS Cloud enhancement helps customers to more efficiently use credits regardless of PLEXOS model size. This PLEXOS Cloud upgrade is automatically available to all existing and new customers under the PLEXOS Cloud usage-based pricing model.

PLEXOS Cloud Compute


PLEXOS Cloud Improved Administration Functionality

Additionally, PLEXOS Cloud administrators now have more control over managing simulation infrastructure and allocating usage across their team. Administrators can easily set user limits on the number of concurrent cores and the number of credits used in a month.

Central License Manager (CLM) Advancements

The CLM, is a cloud-based application hosted by Energy Exemplar, simplifying the management of Desktop and Cloud software licenses. It offers centralized license management, dynamic allocation, hassle-free updates, usage monitoring, offline functionality, and enterprise-level security, including Single Sign-On (SSO) support, at no extra cost to customers. The transition to CLM is scheduled for all users in 2024. Users should contact their Customer Success Manager to begin the transition, after which they will receive instructions from Energy Exemplar to set up and immediately use the CLM system.

Central License Manager Advancements


Enhancements in PLEXOS 9.2 R08

The release of PLEXOS 9.2 R08 marks a shift from Update to Support for 9.2 (see Energy Exemplar Software Lifecycle and Maintenance Policy), incorporating vital fixes and including some enhancements that were originally built for PLEXOS 10.0. This update, based on customer feedback, includes significant enhancements to the Variable class and operational improvements for Battery and Pumped Storage Hydro (PSH) systems, such as new time constraints for charging and discharging phases. The integration of Gurobi 11 in this release offers faster simulation speeds and increased flexibility, enhancing energy modeling efficiency.

PLEXOS Gas Key LT Improvements

A update to be included in the upcoming PLEXOS 10 R02 release, includes crucial improvements to the gas market functionality, benefiting current projects and broader utility sector applications. This includes advanced demand side management (DSM) functionalities for more accurate demand modeling in varying weather conditions, and streamlined management of gas utility contracts, consolidating multiple properties into one for easier long-term contract modeling.


Aurora 15.0 Update

The Aurora 15.0 update brings in an enhanced DevArt feature set, including SSL support for MySQL, to strengthen data security, especially for data transmitted to MySQL. This update also fixes critical issues in the changeset and Aurora scheduler, enhancing system reliability.

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February 13, 2024

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