PLEXOS, PLEXOS Cloud, and Aurora have just released their latest updates, bringing a wave of new features and improvements to enhance your energy modeling experience. These updates are designed to ensure that you don't have to compromise between quality and velocity when it comes to your energy simulations. Learn more about the latest gas, transmission, and administration improvements to the leading energy analytics platforms.

More Generation

As energy demand grows, so does your scope

Long Term Capacity Expansion

This powerful feature has gotten even better. Increasingly, as multi-regional expansion planning is needed, you will appreciate our greatly improved Rolling Horizon with Sampled Chronology methodology for multi-regional LTCE. Renewables and battery storage in particular drive an increasing need for LTCE to look at intra-day chronology as a driver for technology selection. We now make it easy for large systems to be studied over long horizons with attention for intra-day needs.

Dataset subscribers will be able to run a more detailed capacity expansion with significantly less runtime; Integrated resource planners and market analysts can look deeper into the marketplace future; transmission analysts can now understand the impact of additions coming on to grid and areas for improvement; and policy planners can better understand the decarbonization landscape and opportunities that go along with it.

Feature available on PLEXOS 9.1 desktop



More Insight

Don't let the margins catch you off guard



Marginal Resource Outputs

Market analysts often need to develop intuition about the drivers of prices in different regions. Now with PLEXOS 9.1 you can truly see which resources were marginal in which regions – and the analysis will even identify resources even outside the region that are setting prices.

This is great for PLEXOS users that have used the marginal unit diagnostic, our dataset subscribers and users that are running simulations with regional transmission detail (Zonal/Nodal are not yet supported). Market Analysts focused on price forecasts will appreciate this feature because it pinpoints price-forming generation resources per region, including situations where multiple or external resources have contributed to price.

Feature available on PLEXOS 9.1 desktop

More Power to You

Crunch quicker when time’s an issue

Performance Improvements

Who doesn’t want to get the job done quicker? With both PLEXOS 9.1 and PLEXOS Cloud – we’re proud to introduce engine-wide performance improvements. Get results sooner with a 25% run time improvement* and with split execution runs – our users are seeing up to 40% faster run times.

Our users who run simulations will really appreciate these improvements – especially those on PLEXOS Cloud. And for those with long model runs – regional datasets, large LT planning models, this is a game changer for you.

Improvements available with both PLEXOS 9.1 desktop and PLEXOS Cloud

*On PLEXOS Cloud, comparing to 8.3 R10, Energy Exemplar’s commercial datasets run 25% faster on 9.1 Beta 1 Performance. Using Chronological Split Execution in 9.1 datasets ran up to 40% faster than 9.0.

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July 18, 2022

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