On Demand Webinar

Modelling the Security of Europe's Short Term Gas Supply

New year, more challenges in the energy industry...

It’s 2023 and Europe is experiencing the toughest energy winter in recent history. Energy stakeholders have been avidly forecasting and planning ahead to ensure the security of supply by using modelling tools such as PLEXOS.  

On 26 January 2023, Energy Exemplar hosted a webinar on how to model European security of supply in PLEXOS, using our gas datasets for Europe.

Questions this webinar addressed: 

  • How can market and non-market forces affect security of supply in Europe and how can they be modelled?
  • What is the role of gas storage facilities?
  • What is the role of LNG imports?
  • When and where will shortages most likely appear and what are the critical infrastructure points related to this?
  • What about temperature sensitivities and other scenarios?

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