Optimal Strategies for Renewable Integration


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In this webinar, Carlos Romero discusses best business practices for planning and operations modeling processes related to renewable and hybrid energy projects. The webinar also covers the entire lifecycle process from long-term planning, to market analysis and portfolio short-term operations.

Key takeaways include:

  • Comparative analysis of deterministic scenarios vs. Monte-Carlo simulations vs. Stochastic optimization 
  • Renewables Lifecycle: from planning to operations; key considerations for integrating long-term planning and short-term operations
  • Renewables Value: optimal configuration of renewables and hybrid storage projects
  • Modeling Uncertainty and Extreme Events: effective tools for optimal modeling of renewable and other variable uncertainties while observing and managing extreme weather conditions
  • Digital Transformation: enterprise-wide collaboration, advanced market insights and digital platform to support the transition to a cleaner and more reliable energy grid


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