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Join us in Orlando, April 30 - May 3, 2024

Xcelerate is Energy Exemplar's premier Energy Modeling and Simulation Summit—a dynamic three-and-a-half-day event brimming with interactive, hands-on training, invaluable networking opportunities, enlightening presentations, insightful case study sessions, engaging user roundtable discussions, and much more.

2024 Event Pricing


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General Registration
Full Event
(April 30 - May 3) 
$1,299 USD $1,699 USD

PLEXOS Certification Training only for new users
(April 30, May 1 & 3) 

$1,249 USD $1,649 USD
PLEXOS Advanced Training only for existing users
(April 30 & May 1)
$1,249 USD $1,649 USD

PLEXOS Gas Training only

(April 30 & May 1)

$1,249 USD $1,649 USD

Aurora Training only

(April 30 & May 1)

$1,249 USD $1,649 USD

Conference only (May 2 & 3)

$349 USD $449 USD

Taxes and booking fees apply. 

Scroll down on this page to learn more about the program, networking opportunities, the venue, and highlights from 2023.

We look forward to seeing you in Orlando!


Event Agenda

We've added an extra day of training for Xcelerate 2024! This year will be packed full of interactive training programs, panels and presentations, and networking events. Don't miss the exciting opportunities to connect with your industry peers offered at Xcelerate!
View the detailed daily agenda below.
Tuesday April 30 Wednesday May 1 Thursday May 2 Friday May 3

PLEXOS Training: 

  • Fundamentals Certification Course
  • Intermediate / Advanced PLEXOS Training

  • Gas Fundamentals Course

Aurora Training:

  • Fundamentals Course
  • Intermediate / Advanced Aurora Training


PLEXOS Training: 

  • Fundamentals Certification Course
  • Intermediate / Advanced PLEXOS Training

  • Gas Fundamentals Course

Aurora Training:

  • Fundamentals Course
  • Intermediate / Advanced Aurora Training

Conference Program:

  • Keynote Sessions;
    Hear from the global leadership team, founder and guest speakers.

Product-focused Program & Training:
  • Fundamentals Certification continued (for beginners)
  • Product-focused Interactive Sessions (for existing users)
  • PLEXOS Lab
  • Networking Lunch

  • Training continues

  • Networking Lunch

  • Training continues
  • Networking Lunch

  • Track Sessions: Technical

  • Track Sessions: Commercial 
  • PLEXOS and Aurora Labs
  • Grab & Go Lunch

Welcome Reception

Networking Dinners

Special Event
All Day
  • PLEXOS and Aurora Labs
  • PLEXOS and Aurora Labs
Detailed Schedule Day 1 Detailed Schedule Day 2 Detailed Schedule Day 3 Detailed Schedule Day 4 Detailed Schedule

We will be running our flagship Labs across all four days of the event. You will have the opportunity to pop in and speak to our experts 1:1 to dive into the product and learn how it can best help you get to where you need to be. There may well be use cases and features you didn't know of, so be sure to come and immerse yourself.

There will be pods equipped with screens running PLEXOS and Aurora:

  • Pod 1: PLEXOS Modelling Support General
  • Pod 2: PLEXOS Modelling Support Advanced
  • Pod 3: Aurora Modelling Support General
  • Pod 4: Aurora Modelling Support Advanced
  • Pod 5: Gas, Hydrogen & Sector Coupling
  • Pod 6: Cloud

Please select a topic for the menu (or bring your own) and let the team pencil you in for your 30 minute slot. Each pod can sit up to 4 people.


NEW for 2024: We have extended our training program

Explore Training Options

Whether you're an industry veteran or just starting your journey, our training programs promise invaluable insights and hands-on learning experiences for all.

Explore the drop-downs below to understand more about the training programs. 

PLEXOS Fundamentals Certification
Suitable for beginners and users with less than one year experience.
This training will introduce modelling practices in PLEXOS for planning and operations related to renewable and hybrid energy projects. The training will cover how the entire lifecycle process is optimised, from long-term planning to short-term portfolio operations, and how it is used to power a carbon-free future.
Key Takeaways include:
  • Hands-on practice building a small power network
  • How to add external data to PLEXOS and Running the model using scenarios
  • Exercises that enhance the model using Markets and Custom Constraints
  • Explore some bulk work practices and explaining how to add detail to a system description
  • How outages are used to determine system adequacy
  • Demonstrating the importance of the MT Schedule
  • Understanding how data is handled and evaluated to generate a long-term plan
PLEXOS Advanced Training
Suitable for intermediate/advanced PLEXOS users.
Introducing the advanced workshops. This training will walk through modelling practices in PLEXOS for intermediate/advanced power users.
Key Takeaways include:
  • Diving deeper into PLEXOS Use cases
  • Explore Batteries vs. Hydrogen vs. Bump Storage, vs. EVs
  • Compare Performance vs. precision and analyse the LT-ST convergence
  • Investigate modelling losses and congestion & contingency analysis
  • Examine deeper into cloud automation/CLI, stochastics, and dashboard building
  • Dive into water values, Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming (SDDP) and rolling horizons
  • Learn more about performance vs. Precision, plus unexpected behaviors in the ST
  • Universal PLEXOS will highlight workflows around combinatorial optimization and an activity called Choose Your Team
PLEXOS Gas Fundamentals Training
The PLEXOS Gas training track will focus on all things gas related, starting off with the basics of using PLEXOS which is tailored to those primarily modelling gas problems. The goal through the first day will be to ensure that those attending can become PLEXOS Gas certified users. The second day is meant to move PLEXOS Gas users into advanced users with many tips, tricks, and modelling suggestions. Users can expect to be more proficient in understanding PLEXOS, gas classes, and gas market fundamentals.
Key Takeaways:
  • Learn about the PLEXOS workflow and structure focused on PLEXOS Gas
  • Be able to understand System Modelling of the gas module
  • Build models as you go through each learning session
  • Go through the hands-on Gas Certification exercises
  • Understand how steps, blocks, mixing block sizes, solver settings, and performance tuning help with Managing Performance
  • Learn system balancing supply and demand techniques
  • Understand portfolio vs market fundamental modelling
Aurora Fundamentals Training
The Aurora fundamentals track is designed for new users or those who want to refresh the basics. This track will focus on the Aurora Navigation and simulation options. We will spend extra time on Database Management and some tips and tricks for viewing and editing the data itself. Modelling resources is a popular topic that we will deep dive into. Upon completion a certificate will be issued.
Key Takeaways include:
  • Identify the four main parts of the Aurora Project Setup Window: Active Study Type, Study Period, Output and Study Cases
  • Learn about Active Study Type, how to change the Study Period, and how to change the name and location of the output database
  • Be able to explain most of the logic options found in the Simulation Options window
  • Identify logic settings that apply to specific study types (e.g., Long-term study settings)
  • Explain most of the logic options found in the Simulation Options window
  • Identify logic settings that apply to specific study types (e.g., Long-term study settings)
  • Be able to describe the unit commitment and economic dispatch problem
  • Explain how zone prices are formed
  • Describe the major pieces of hydro logic
  • Designate a resource as commitment or must run and explain the difference
  •  Generally, describe the types of load-modifying programs that Aurora can model, and which fuel types must be used to model each program type
  • Locate and describe Long Term Capacity Expansion (LTCE) input data
Aurora Advanced Training
The advanced Aurora track is also designed for those with a few years of Aurora experience that want to dive into unique use cases. We have hand-picked topics that will help you understand and use Aurora. This is not for beginners. Target experience is 3+ years. A certificate of completion will be issued.
Key Takeaways:
  • A focus on decarbonization approaching in US energy markets. Future resource options include renewables, energy storage, electric vehicles, demand response & conservation programs that will be part of a carbon-constrained future.
  • Learn how Aurora can model batteries and pump storage. Deeper working examples will be deployed.
  • Come and learn key takeaways focused on Risk Capability for a selection of input variables such as fuel, demand, and hydro.
  • Explore the co-optimization of resources to meet ancillary services and energy requirements.
  • A deep dive into workflow automation in Aurora will focus on Change Sets, Parameter Sets, and Parallelization options to automate your studies
  • Modelling constraints using Aurora is a hot topic that will be discussed in depth
  • The last session is an all-out focus on Data. Specifically, the process, offering, and calibration of datasets.

exciting social events confirmed for 2024!

Networking Opportunities


Due to our diverse user base spanning the whole energy value chain - Xcelerate delegates join us from a wide range of organizations, including TSOs, Utilities, Regulatory Bodies, Trading Companies, Consultancies and more. 

The Xcelerate 3-and-a-half-day agenda offers plenty of networking opportunities, from coffee breaks to lunch to our memorable evening receptions for you to make new business connections and foster existing relationships. 

Get ready to network in style, as our special event on day three will take place at the iconic Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley, providing a breathtaking backdrop to network with peers. 

Highlights from Xcelerate Nashville

Recap our 2023 event

Want to know more about what you'll experience at Xcelerate? Check out the recap from our event in Nashville  last year. 

We're looking forward to welcoming you in 2024!


our venue

JW Marriott Grande Lakes Orlando

We couldn't be more excited to be hosting this year's Xcelerate at the fabulous JW Marriott Grande Lakes Orlando

Located only 25 minutes from the iconic Universal Studios and Disney World, this venue is in the heart of the city and only a 20-minute taxi journey from the Orlando International airport. 

Secure a special rate for your accommodation, before April 5th, using this hotel link or browse other hotels nearby. 


Dive deep into the world of PLEXOS modelling at #Xcelerate2024