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Now Available: Aurora 13.3

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Team Energy Exemplar

Customers can download it by logging in to the Aurora Client portal.

What’s new?

  • User Experience – An all-new, dockable Change Sets window with new ribbon buttons AND new input data windows with features like creating a new database, adding multiple tables in bulk, and hiding optional tables from view.
  • Portfolio Optimization – Model multiple markets where Aurora optimizes the markets within the total system or choose the new CVaR risk metric. Also, see improved memory performance on large simulations and check-out two new output tables: PortOp_MarketOperation and PortOp_IterativeReport.
  • Nodal Capability – Bring more precision to your nodal analysis with tiered wheeling charges or the new Custom Constraints variable for corridor flows. Get better output diagnostics with shift factor reporting by bus and the addition of zone and pool output tables.
  • Storage Modeling – New options bring increased flexibility to Storage resources with an annual generation target, minimum generation limit, and control over when a charging resource is applied. Get quicker insights with improved reporting on storage operation in portfolio and resource outputs.
  • Dispatch Uncertainty – Simulate the difference between day-ahead commitment decisions and actual real-time values. This new table is especially useful for modeling things like renewable availability or nodal studies altering the data used for SCUC vs SCED.


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