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New Release: Aurora v13.4

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Team Energy Exemplar

Aurora v13.4 offers a number of client‐requested features that improve both project customization and usability!   Check out the top features of v13.4 as Aurora continues to offer a trusted, user‐focused platform for best‐in‐class performance:

  • Parameter Sets– Like Changes Sets, but for your project settings! Create and save multiple combinations of simulation option settings within a single Aurora project; a convenient and efficient way to set up and run sensitivity studies or scenario analyses beyond a base case set of assumptions.
  • User Experience– You asked, we delivered: setup a blank New Project, including all needed files, with the click of a button; delete tables from an unwieldy output database; or easily identify informational input columns not used by Aurora for output with the new visual cue.
  • Outage Pattern Lock– Reuse random outages from one simulation to lock in an outage pattern in another.
  • Nodal Capability– Model random outages on nodal branches just like the Frequency Duration outage method does for resources. Plus, all nodal Simulation Options settings are now available for use in scripting.
  • More LT Options– Take advantage of the Retirement Group to identify a group of resources that will all retire on the same date if one in the group is selected, or the new Build Cost input that a unit will incur each year calculated as a function of levelized capital carrying rate (LCCR).

We invite you visit the Client Portal page to download the latest install and review the full Release Notes.

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