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Energy Exemplar Joins the United States Energy Association (USEA)

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Energy Exemplar Joins the United States Energy Association (USEA)

A Powerful Energy Alliance That Transcends Global Boundaries 

Energy Exemplar today announced their global membership with the United States Energy Association (USEA). This partnership forges new, strong ties across countries with the common goal of playing a decisive part in the global transition into a carbon neutral future. Energy Exemplar’s prevailing energy simulation technology PLEXOS, along with USEA’s expertise and existing relationships in the industry, create an influential coalition with immeasurable potential.

“We are delighted to announce that we are officially members of the USEA” said David Wilson, CEO, Energy Exemplar. “We look forward to collaborating with USEA on global projects with ambitious goals for the future of our planet. By way of our co-optimization capabilities across hydrogen, renewable energy, and electricity, the PLEXOS engine can help to take uncertainty out of planning processes, allowing businesses, organizations, and countries to make better decisions that have positive impacts on our global community.”

“Climate change and rapid urban development are reinforcing the need to ensure energy resilience in virtually all aspects of life,” said Sheila Hollis, Acting Executive Director of USEA. “Our goal is to make energy safe, affordable, reliable, environmentally acceptable and available to the world. There are approximately a billion people that desperately need access to power, thus finding solutions for the future is paramount. We are pleased to welcome Energy Exemplar into our ranks to support us in meeting this challenge. With Energy Exemplar’s cutting-edge technology, energy stakeholders around the world can help build a more reliable and economic energy future.”

The benefits of this new partnership include the sharing of best practices to develop cleaner, more accessible, and efficient energy information to foster the advancement of the entire sector over the next few decades and support participating countries on their ‘journey to self-reliance’.




About USEA: The United States Energy Association (USEA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, non-lobbying institution founded in 1924. USEA convenes, educates, and provides a nonpartisan forum for the energy industry. Internationally, USEA supports energy development by expanding access to safe, affordable, and sustainable energy in partnership with U.S. Government entities such as the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), and the U.S. Department of State (DOS). Over the past three decades, USEA has worked in 104 countries across six continents. It has 30 staff members who speak a total of 14 unique languages.

About Energy Exemplar: From their regional HQs including the US, Europe, North and South America as well as Asia, Energy Exemplar develops and supports PLEXOS, the market leading integrated energy simulation software. Along with electric power, water & gas datasets, users can digitally replicate real-world energy markets to deliver crucial forecasting. From short-term analysis to long-term planning studies, PLEXOS helps to inform trading, generation scheduling, capacity expansion and market analysis across industry sectors. Our solutions help 400+ customers, comprising a large share of the world’s top energy market stakeholders, across 68 countries analyze scenarios for the most accurate outcomes while supporting their organizational and digital transformation.

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