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Idam Infra chooses Energy Exemplar to Bring State of the Art Energy Modelling Tool to India

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Idam Infra and Energy Exemplar announce partnership to Bring State of the Art Energy Modelling Tool to India.

Mumbai 21 July, 2021

Energy Exemplar, Australia today announced a new partnership with Idam Infrastructure Advisory Pvt. Ltd. (Idam Infra), India. This partnership will be to collaborate for channelizing the sales of PLEXOS to Indian stakeholders in Energy and Utilities space.

With the growing importance of energy modeling in every aspect of power and energy systems, the critical role of PLEXOS as a world class energy simulation software offering cost optimization and capacity expansion tool comes to the fore.

Mr. Balawant Joshi, Managing Director, Idam Infra said, “I’m bullish on the collaboration as the market for energy modelling tools in India is at a nascent stage but is rapidly expanding. Considering the Government of India’s target to achieve 450 gigawatts (GW) by 2030 from renewable energy sources, the optimized integration of renewable energy shall play a crucial role in India’s energy sector. PLEXOS offer optimized solutions to meet this expanding need for market players and utilities.”

The benefits of this new partnership shall include:

  • Proliferation of “state of the art” energy modelling tool to counter the climate change adversities and leading energy transition efforts,
  • Enhancement of stakeholder capacity in effective integration of Renewable Energy in Indian Power System aligned with Government of India target to achieve 450 gigawatts (GW) from Renewable Energy by 2030,
  • Energy Exemplar is impressed with the implementation success of IDAM Infra in past projects and look forward to build onto that.

“Through this collaboration, Idam Infra will leverage its extensive experience in energy & utilities domain to support Energy Exemplar to increase PLEXOS outreach in India. This partnership reflects the shared commitment of two companies towards increased penetration of renewable energy integration & cost optimization through analytical solutions offered by PLEXOS for India’s energy sector.”
-Stuart Kelly, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific

About Idam Infrastructure

Idam Infrastructure Advisory Pvt. Ltd., India (Idam Infra) is a company with vast experience in the field of energy, infrastructure development, sustainable development, clean energy services, energy efficiency and climate change mitigation solutions. The firm provides services in the field of policy formulation and analysis, regulatory framework design, commercial diligence, financial structures and corporate strategies across the value chain of energy infrastructure. Idam Infra provides solutions in the space of power system modelling, digitalisation, IT/OT solutions to electric utilities.   (

About Energy Exemplar

Energy Exemplar ( is a market leader in energy market simulation and optimisation technology with its headquarters in Adelaide, Australia They support over 400 customers in over 60 countries. Its European operations is based in London. Its solutions, headlined by PLEXOS, are used globally, supporting analysis across power and gas markets. From short-term analysis to long-term planning studies. PLEXOS helps to inform decisions on trading, short-term generation scheduling, capacity expansion, and market analysis in power and gas markets.


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