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Energy Exemplar Takes the Lead in the Energy Modeling Industry

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Team Energy Exemplar

The leadership of Energy Exemplar and EPIS have joined forces with a focus on dynamic growth – across development teams, customer support, industry-leading innovations and shared resources. Backed by The Riverside Company, the organization has almost doubled in number of employees and has significantly added to its pool of resources for meeting customer needs.

Energy Exemplar is now the simulation software market leader. With the experience that comes from serving more than 300 customers, the company can scale its services for any size organization in any region of the world.

Recent product developments now allow Energy Exemplar to serve organizations in modelling production, transportation and consumption of heat resources. This latest functionality reaches across any heat and water co-optimization facility such as water treatment plants and other heat-related operations.

With the addition of key staff members to the leadership team, Energy Exemplar expects to continue significant product development that will provide faster output, better user experiences and greater user accessibility.  

Stay tuned for what's to come!

Team Energy Exemplar

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