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Indonesian Utility & ISO PLN to Model Energy System

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  • PLN will use Energy Exemplar’s PLEXOS modelling software to improve supply security at the lowest possible cost while it undergoes decarbonization
  • PLN to undertake comprehensive long-term system planning by modelling a wide range of scenarios
  • Energy Exemplar will work with PLN on full implementation and skills building for the PLEXOS platform

The Indonesian utility and independent service operator PLN will use Energy Exemplar’s modelling software, PLEXOS, to improve supply security at the lowest possible cost while it undergoes decarbonization.
As part of its roadmap to accomplishing Indonesia’s Nationally Determined Contribution, which outlines the country's transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient future, PLN aims to sustain growth through new forms of technology and businesses while shifting away from high carbon power generation. 

PLN aims to reach net zero emissions by 2060.

Over a two year agreement period, PLEXOS will support PLN’s strategic sustainability aims by giving the utility the means to undertake comprehensive long-term system planning. PLN will be able to model a wide range of scenarios, and so improve the security of energy supply at the low cost while decarbonizing.

Indonesia currently has the highest energy consumption among the member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Its energy use is set to rise significantly as its economy and population grow in the coming decades.

“PLN supports the clean energy transition to make energy supplies more secure and affordable. PLEXOS helps us by providing analytics and decision-support to make a viable path to reaching its target of net zero emissions by 2060.”  

- Spokesperson, PLN

Because of its abundant natural resources, Indonesia is well positioned to develop an energy system that is based on renewable energy and can support both economic development and the demands imposed by climate change, whilst also preserving energy security and remaining affordable.

“Energy Exemplar are delighted to be working with PLN. PLN is playing a key role in helping Indonesia to transform into a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy, as well as to keep the costs associated with this transition as low as possible.

“PLEXOS will help PLN to simulate future scenarios well into the future and so make the decisions necessary to sustain growth while decarbonizing.

 - Stuart Kelly, SVP, Global Marketing/Customer Success and Asia Pacific at Energy Exemplar

The global adoption of new energy technologies, combined with continued geopolitical volatility, will further complexify energy markets. With the strategic capabilities of PLEXOS, Indonesia will be able to remain resilient and chart a clear course to a green future.

About PLN: PLN’s core business is the supply of electricity, especially in generation, transmission and distribution. Obtaining the task of electrifying all over the archipelago, PLN has the obligation to increase installed capacity for power supply and the development of electricity infrastructure such as transmission networks, substations, and distribution networks. 

PLN’s business continues to expand into various business sectors through subsidiaries, associated entities, joint ventures, and special purpose vehicles (SPV) under the auspices of the PLN Group. Through the implementation of SOLID (Securing Business Sustainability, Optimizing Cost Efficiency, Leading Industry Capabilities, Increasing Profit Contribution and Developing New Edge) business portfolios, PLN continues to develop services to become a World Class Electricity Company.


About Energy Exemplar: Energy Exemplar helps 500+ customers, comprising a large share of the world’s top energy market stakeholders across 73 countries, to analyze scenarios for the most accurate outcomes while supporting their organizational and digital transformation.

Energy Exemplar supplies energy solutions across the electric, gas and renewable markets and supports infrastructure projects worldwide. Energy Exemplar supports PLEXOS, the market-leading integrated energy simulation software. Along with electric power, water and gas datasets, users can digitally replicate real-world energy markets to deliver crucial forecasting. PLEXOS helps to inform trading, generation scheduling, capacity expansion and market analysis across multiple industry sectors.

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