The PLEXOS Cloud Analytics QuickStart Program

Want to deliver energy modeling insights with more impact?

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Our Quickstart Program 

PLEXOS Cloud Analytics QuickStart provides an expert guide for qualifying PLEXOS Cloud users to learn and apply the easy-to-use Analytics features of PLEXOS Cloud. An Energy Exemplar expert user will guide you through the mechanics of our signature Analytics features including visualization, reporting, data editing, and even BI Dashboards!  

All existing and new customers who are live before December 31, 2023, qualify for this program. You will receive exclusive access to five weekly one-hour training sessions that are: complementary, flexibly scheduled, fully online, user driven (no theory or lengthy slide decks), small group, nerdy fun. 

Experience the Power 

PLEXOS Cloud Analytics is all about simplifying and accelerating modeling and analysis of PLEXOS data. Whether you are an Excel wizard, a PowerPoint star, or a long-time PLEXOS xPert, PLEXOS Cloud Analytics is packed with tools to up your game. You’ve seen the demos, now see how easy it is to build queries, display maps, and customize dashboards for PLEXOS analysis that will look great in your next presentation or report. 

Join Now

The PLEXOS Cloud Analytics QuickStart program has been extended until December 31, 2023. When you sign up, you will also get an immediate Promotional Upgrade to PLEXOS Cloud BI Analytics for your whole team until your next renewal or 1 year, whichever comes first! 

Available to ALL Energy Exemplar Customers

We are now extending our QuickStart Analytics program to our On-Premise and Connect customers, allowing all Energy Exemplar customers to trial PLEXOS Cloud. If you're looking for increased and scalable compute capacity, easier collaboration and version management, advanced analytics and reporting tools - sign up now for a free trial and on-boarding training!