These What’s New updates cover significant updates for PLEXOS Insight for Traders - NL, PLEXOS Cloud configurable visualization charts, and new distributed run types in PLEXOS Cloud designed to meet clients' diverse needs for compute and expedited results times. Discover how these features can streamline your operations and decision-making processes.

PLEXOS Insights for Traders -Netherlands (NL) 

Application Programming Interface (API)

The latest upgrades to NL Insight for Traders enhance user experience and expand capabilities. Introducing a click-through licensing agreement on all executive views speeds up the trial process, getting you started faster. We are expanding our forecasts to cover the first month and quarter, offering traders in major European markets more comprehensive data. The new Application Programming Interface (API) enables seamless integration of insights into hedge funds' analytics, supporting advanced coding practices over discretionary methods. These enhancements not only enrich the value for screen and algorithmic traders but also boost decision-making efficiency for trading firms.

PLEXOS Cloud: Analyze Output using Configurable Charts

PLEXOS Cloud now has expanded configurable charting functionality enhancing the analytical prowess of users. This latest addition enables dynamic and personalized visualization of simulation data, accommodating diverse data formats and providing advanced filtering capabilities. Intuitively representing data empowers users to swiftly pinpoint trends, outliers, and patterns, thereby streamlining the analysis workflow. Seamlessly integrated with a visualization output grid, these charts provide near effortless access to information in the platform and transform the user experience in viewing, reviewing, and understanding analytics. This enhancement is strategically crafted to minimize the time and energy invested in data analysis and shift the emphasis of focus to planning and decision  making.

PLEXOS Cloud: New Distributed Run Types to a Variety of Complex Use Cases

The April release of PLEXOS Cloud introduced two new distributed run types, increasing the growing number of simulation types available in PLEXOS Cloud. These new types, Monte Carlo outage distribution and planning distribution method, allow for more efficient use of cloud resources by enabling simulations to be split and run across various virtual machines and/or over different planning horizons. This functionality provides a much more efficient solution for customers with constraints on their computing infrastructure. The functionality also helps to facilitate the technical and economic transition to PLEXOS Cloud. These developments enhance the flexibility and scalability of computational resources, meeting the immediate needs of analysts and current PLEXOS Connect users who demand more versatile and powerful computational capabilities. PLEXOS Connect customers should consider PLEXOS Cloud for maximum efficiency, capability, and outcome value.

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May 15, 2024

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