Uncovering Africa’s renewable power potential through modelling Nigeria

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African countries are amongst the hardest hit by climate change...

...despite only emitting less than 3% of the world’s energy‐related CO2.

With COP27 taking place in Egypt this year, a global focus is being laid onto this continent and reports on its energy future are increasing. With powerful modelling and simulation tools such as Energy Exemplar’s PLEXOS, scenarios can be modelled to gain a better understanding of what this future could look like. 

Wärtsilä’s latest report ‘Pathways for Africa’s Energy Future’, produced in anticipation of COP27, used PLEXOS to model the power systems of three African countries, Nigeria, South Africa, and Mozambique. The main findings show that Africa has the potential to become a leader in renewable generation and “leapfrogging” developed nations. 

In this exclusive webinar on 8 December...

  • Wärtsilä will discuss the methodology and results of their report on Nigeria and required future steps (climate finance, planning, system reforms).
  • Energy Exemplar will then extend on how key topics across Africa, such as market liberalisation, increased interconnection, and hydrogen transition can be studied using their PLEXOS software and African energy market data models.

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Our Agenda


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Michael Schneider
Energy Exemplar

Welcome & Introduction to the Webinar - Energy Exemplar

PLEXOS is the leading solution that unifies market simulations across the electric, water, and gas industries. Scenarios within a specific industry can be modelled and simulated and resources can be co-optimised across energy markets. Energy Exemplar's SVP and Head of EMEA, Michael Schneider will open the webinar with a brief introduction to Energy Exemplar, the software platform PLEXOS as well as the following sessions.

14.00 GMT
Joonatan Huhdanmäki

Background of Wärtsilä’s PLEXOS study for COP27

Wärtsilä is a global leader in decarbonising energy and marine markets and the company has over a decade-long experience in power system modelling. 

Wärtsilä’s Senior Analyst in Market Development, Joonatan Huhdanmäki, will explain how the report on ‘Pathways for Africa’s Energy Future’, produced in anticipation of COP27, came about and how the respective PLEXOS model relates to the ongoing energy discussions in Nigeria.

14.05 GMT
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Mahmood Bakhtawar Shah

Nigeria modelling for COP27

Wärtsilä’s Power System Analyst Mahmood Bakhtawar Shah, will share the details of the inputs, assumptions, and results of the modelling as well as what they mean for Nigeria’s next steps towards a future dominated by renewable energy. 

14.15 GMT
David Robertson_circle
Dr. David Robertson
Energy Exemplar

Extension to the study – Solving key topics across Africa

Dr. David Robertson, VP of Solutions in EMEA at Energy Exemplar will show how PLEXOS and African energy market data models can be used to model market liberalisation, increased interconnection, and the hydrogen transition.

14.40 GMT


15.00 GMT

ESI Africa Podcast

Our speaker David Robertson sat down with ESI Africa to talk about Energy system planning & modelling in Africa.

Listen in to learn more about:

  • How ESKOM in South Africa is using PLEXOS to minimise load shedding events with near real-time insights
  • The potential to increase access to electricity in Africa to meet growing demand
  • The critical importance of interconnections between countries and energy stakeholders with common data and models and how the power pools have already started to drive collaboration akin to Europe's ENTSOE
  • PLEXOS datasets which provide out of the box data so that stakeholders can simulate and decide where to invest
Listen here