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Decision Analytics for the Energy Transformation Revolution

Written by:

David Wilson

It’s no secret that the global energy landscape is undergoing unprecedented changes.

From an ever-growing increase in energy demand, rapid electrification and decarbonization policy changes to leaps in technology and changes in consumer preferences— there’s no shortage of new challenges to solve.

Our industry has been talking about this moment for years—and the coming wave of change.

The wave has arrived, and Energy Exemplar is here to guide you and help navigate the new complexities and scenarios you haven’t had to consider before.

Revolutionary Modeling Software for Unprecedented Times

Keeping ahead of the pace and scale of change in business, information, technology, and policies requires a modern approach to decision-analytics.

We’ve done just that by investing in the development of our latest version of PLEXOS—including making it even more powerful with a Cloud delivery option.

PLEXOS is the natural choice for the energy industry’s decision-making and modeling needs. With its powerful new scalability; modern role-based interface; and expanded shareability—PLEXOS 9 is truly a revolution in the approach to energy modeling and simulation.

Taking PLEXOS to Cloud 9

Since the turn of the millennium when we released the first version of PLEXOS, we’ve been building toward this moment. After 15 years of iteration and development, we became the most widely used energy market software in the world.

Now in 2021, we’re proud to have arrived at a revolution in our solution delivery, with the release of PLEXOS 9 and PLEXOS Cloud. You can now operationalize all your forecasting and planning models using advanced AI and insights based on core fundamentals. In other words, we’re taking PLEXOS to Cloud 9.

Our Cloud expands the access to PLEXOS across the enterprise. Through the cloud interface, you will enjoy a single system for running and communicating studies across all users, markets, and locations. This brings more interaction, greater precision, and contextual insights to your work.

New PLEXOS features include:

  • Gas functionalities, including maintenance, pressure, and blending variables
  • Vehicle to grid scenarios
  • Universal classes for simulations beyond the energy industry
  • New methodology for stochastic hydro
  • Microsoft Excel plugin available with Cloud
  • In-product training offered with Cloud
  • Worldwide availability of Simulation-Ready Datasets for Leading Energy Markets

This is the natural evolution of our best-in-class PLEXOS energy analytics platform.

Navigating the Future

The world’s energy systems are vast and complex. They’re also interconnected. Since it’s impossible to experiment on the real system, simulation software is necessary for accurate planning and wise investing. Simulation also helps to inform the design of regulations that maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impacts.

Energy Exemplar offers PLEXOS 9 as the most comprehensive software solution for energy system modeling.

PLEXOS 9 offers a strategic approach that helps you forecast outcomes with greater accuracy and speed. So you have a competitive edge as you make investment and operations decisions and manage regulations and compliance. You also have a support team that’s with you every step of the way.

Reliable and Quality Data Foundation

A ready-to-use market dataset provides the ideal foundation for market analysis, and in combination with your detailed portfolio data, insights are uncovered in days not months. We have a dedicated team of market analysts and PLEXOS experts who assemble our ready-to-use market models which serve as the benchmark or foundation for many customers and consultants. Our worldwide data coverage supports your energy investments and asset optimization in local and international markets. Equipped with curated data and the power of PLEXOS 9, customers will be ready for the energy transformation revolution.

We’re here to help you make the best decisions possible about your future, starting now.

The more successful we are at helping you forecast the energy future, the greater the prosperity for all—that includes the health of people and the planet.

David Wilson

David Wilson joined Energy Exemplar as CEO in December 2017, bringing with him a passion for the energy sector and a commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. With 25 years of management and operational expertise, he has held key positions at leading organizations, including McKinsey & Company, where he spearheaded large-scale transformations. Prior to that, he helmed the global team responsible for taking new meter products from marketing concept to production at GE Vernova (formerly GE Power), and he worked on projects across the globe as consultant at SLB (formerly Schlumberger).