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Cloud Leads to Staggering Performance Improvements

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) manages electricity and gas systems across Australia, helping to ensure Australians have access to affordable, secure, and reliable energy.  It is a member-basednot-for-profit organization.  AEMO acts as the market system operator and system planner for the National Electricity Market (NEM) and the Western Australia Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM).  It also operates retail and wholesale gas markets across south-eastern Australia and Victoria’s gas pipeline grid.

Use Cases

  • Digital transformation
  • System stability
  • Modelling performance
Great Barrier Reef-1-1

Proof Point

Moving to a Security Constrained Environment in the WEM & the Xcelerate Experience

Proof Point

Medium term projected assessment for security and reliability in the WEM & the Xcelerate Experience


Case Study

AEMO - Clear Business Results Delivered by PLEXOS Cloud

When AEMO decided to make PLEXOS Cloud an integral part of its future technology strategy they achieved astounding results. Including:  A 77% decrease in time to delivery for the central scenario of AEMO's Integrated System Plan, a 93% decrease in time to delivery for the step-change scenario, a 56% decrease in time to delivery for ESOO modelling of a constrained scenario.


Transforming Energy Analytics at AEMO


Solution Proof Point

Improved System Stability and Speed with PLEXOS Cloud

Solution Proof Point

The Energy Transition Requires Increased Modeling Capabilities - AEMO is Ahead of the Curve with PLEXOS Cloud

Solution Proof Point

Incredible Performance Improvements on Large, Complex Scenarios with PLEXOS Cloud

Take their word for it

What the AEMO team is saying...

"So, we run a number of different types of scenarios - a central scenario, and a step change scenario. The step change is more of an accelerated transition of the energy sector. We're seeing improvements of up to 77% in our central modeling scenarios, and upwards of 90% of our step change scenarios. And these are complex scenarios of multiple runs, multiple scenarios - so the 70's and 90% performance improvements end-to-end - that's remarkable."

Jerôme Declerck
Group Manager- Enterprise Application Services, AEMO

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