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7 February 2024, Nordic Light Hotel, Stockholm

Energy Modelling… the missing key to unlocking your energy future?

On February 7th, 2024, embark on a transformative journey at Xcelerate Xplore Stockholm, where energy industry pioneers from across the Nordics and Baltics will converge for an afternoon of unparalleled insights. Dive into the intricate world of energy modelling on Energy Exemplar's PLEXOS platform and discover how it holds the key to unlocking essential data to navigate and make strategic decisions in the dynamic energy landscape.

Join us to 'Xplore' how leading businesses are already leveraging energy modelling and simulation for over 80 different use cases including day-ahead price forecasting, long-term energy investments, sustainability strategies, and the transition to Net Zero. Expect inspiring presentations and discussions, as well as 1:1 consultations. Talks include the game-changing impact of PLEXOS modelling on cross-border collaborations by Baltic TSOs AST & Litgrid, UPM Energy's strategies for decarbonisation projects, Wärtsilä's co-optimisation and decarbonisation initiatives, Finnish hydrogen developer Flexens' insights on optimising ammonia production, and a dynamic panel discussion.

Connect with pioneers and thought leaders during networking breaks and a special reception. Whether you're a manager making critical decisions, relaying energy insights in your company, or a researcher exploring advanced energy modelling, Xcelerate Xplore Stockholm 2024 is your exclusive opportunity to gain invaluable insights, forge meaningful connections, and be at the forefront of energy innovation. Secure your spot now to redefine the trajectory of your business in the dynamic world of energy modelling. Don't miss this chance to reshape how you view and navigate the energy future.

Explore the agenda below.

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Event Agenda*

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Registration will open 30 minutes before the presentations begin, so please feel free to come and pick up your badge and enjoy a tea or coffee. 
Michael Schneider_circle (1)
Michael Schneider
Energy Exemplar

Welcome to Xcelerate Xplore - Stockholm

A warm welcome to Xcelerate Xplore Stockholm by Michael Schneider, SVP and Head of EMEA at Energy Exemplar. Michael will give an overview of the event and introduce Energy Exemplar and the PLEXOS platform. 
David Robertson_circle-1
Dr. David Robertson
Energy Exemplar

Challenges and Opportunities in Northern European Energy Markets

Nordic Markets have long been characterised by their high share of hydro generation. But with growing demand across new sectors, heavy investment in wind and the development of a hydrogen economy, the Nordic power market of the future will look very different to the market we see today. We'll look at both the short term and long term developments across the region, and explore the role of modelling to help turn challenges into opportunities.
AST & Litgrid (1)
Vladislavs Fots & Jonas Zemaitaitis
AST & Litgrid

The role of PLEXOS modelling in cross-border collaboration between Latvia and Lithuania (AST & Litgrid)

AST's Vladislavs Fots and Litgrid's Jonas Zemaitaitis will present a study on network development needs. Both TSOs cooperated on nodal market modelling as well as network modelling for this study. As a result, we evaluated different cross border expansion options as well as gained insight into synergies between the two systems.

Nodal modelling allows further insight into renewable sources curtailment, electrolysers demand and locations which are problematic to capture with regional models.

Matias Kinnunen, UPM
Matias Kinnunen
UPM Energy

How UPM leverage PLEXOS to optimise power production/consumption and decrease its carbon emissions

Matias Kinnunen, Head of Energy Market Analysis at UPM Energy, will introduce UPM and UPM Energy before diving into power production and consumption optimization.

You will hear about UPM Energy’s response to climate change and how PLEXOS supports their goals. An example of projects that reduce UPM’s carbon emissions and how PLEXOS could be utilized in similar projects will also be shared.

Marc-Frédéric Lupianez
Marc-Frédéric Lupianez

Challenges to achieve the energy transition in Europe

Marc is the Head of Power Analysis within Equinor. He will be discussing Equinor’s renewable ambitions and the challenges to achieve the energy transition in Europe.

  • Equinor’s renewable ambitions
  • Main challenges to achieve the energy transition in Europe
  • Limits to the market design and way forward

Networking Break

Oula Lehtinen, Wartsila
Oula Lehtinen

Co-optimisation and decarbonisation of power and district heating sectors using PLEXOS (Wärtsilä)

Oula Lehtinen, Senior Power System Analyst at Wärtsilä, will highlight best practices on using PLEXOS for modelling synergies between power and district heating sectors. 

He will talk about the shift from the conventional district heating concept to the “Danish model” — Benefits of flexible district heating that can adapt to different operating and market conditions, maximising the utilisation of renewables while maintaining the high security of supply and minimising the costs.

System-level and city-level insights from Wärtsilä's district heating modelling in Poland will also be shared.

Edvard Nordlund, Flexens
Edvard Nordlund

Optimising Ammonia Production for Cost-Competitiveness and Power-to-X Project Expansion in PLEXOS

In this presentation, Edvard Nordlund, Project Manager at Finnish hydrogen project developer Flexens, will showcase how PLEXOS, combined with in house expertise, has been applied to validate the business case in the Flexens Kokkola, green ammonia project regarding optimal asset sizing, PPAs optimization and RFNBO certification and optimal operation of the plant.
Laura Huomo, Bird & Bird
Moderator: Laura Huomo
Bird & Bird

[Panel] Energy Modelling: The Missing Key to Unlocking Your Energy Future?

Moderator: Laura Huomo, Partner at Bird & Bird


  • Oula Lehtinen, Senior Power System Analyst at Wärtsilä
  • Andrius Maneikis at Litgrid
  • Edvard Nordlund, Project Manager at Flexens
  • Marc-Frédéric Lupianez, Head of Power Analysis at Equinor
  • Michael Schneider, SVP & Head of EMEA at Energy Exemplar
Michael Schneider_circle (1)
Michael Schneider
Energy Exemplar

Thank You and Closing Remarks

Energy Exemplar will round off the presentations with a summary and some closing remarks, before the networking reception.

Networking Reception

Please join us for some networking with drinks and nibbles after the event.

Event Venue

Energy Exemplar are proud to host this event at the Nordic Light Hotel, a mere 2 minute walk from the main train station. If you are attending the event and are planning to stay overnight at this hotel, we also have a special discount code.

Presentations and networking breaks will take place inside the hotel's conference area.


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