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Universities worldwide are choosing PLEXOS and Aurora as their solution to understand the energy ecosystem with flexible and precise simulations across electric, water, gas, and renewable energy markets.

Whether you are a student, professor, or researcher, Energy Exemplar is proud to support the academic community's research into the future of energy. We provide academic licenses and educational opportunities to help further research and expand knowledge.  


Energy Modeling for

Students and Academic Researchers

Academics choose PLEXOS as their training tool for energy market simulation because existing users can show learners real simulations with factual study cases, using real data, that show real results. PLEXOS in the real world adds up to real learning!

There’s no need to shy away from the technical aspects of power system modeling, such as machine and memory requirements, complex data structures and algorithms, energy transport and storage calculations, regulatory filings and environmental policy. This data is built right into the datasets PLEXOS uses, so you can jump right in and perform the work of a real Energy Market Analyst.

PLEXOS unifies all types of data streams into a single energy modeling and forecasting platform that simplifies complex data into real informed commercial investment decisions. You can quantify and put numbers behind your transmission planning decisions, whether they are long-term, hourly, or sub-hourly.

License Details
Note: use of a PLEXOS academic license does not include for commercial purposes including funded research projects.

Energy Exemplar supports the academic community with complimentary PLEXOS licensing for teaching courses and individual studies or research.  

Upon completion of research done with PLEXOS, individuals with academic licenses agree to share with Energy Exemplar how PLEXOS is being used. After the research is complete, you also agree to show successful usage by providing a copy of the published thesis or article and the PLEXOS model along with the model's dataset, data sources and assumptions.

Contact our team to learn more about academic licensing.

Dr Paul Deane

What people are saying

The world needs solutions. We have a huge problem around climate action, around climate change, and around energy. We need quick solutions and we need really good software to help us de-risk the future. PLEXOS allows you to tackle these problems quickly and it allows you to approach a problem in a very transparent and confident way.

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Paul Deane
Research Fellow at University College Cork, Ireland