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3-5 June 2024, Tokyo, Japan

As a leading provider of energy modeling software, Energy Exemplar is thrilled to participate in the Japan Energy Summit 3-5 June, 2024. This annual event is a key gathering for Ministers, Energy CEOs, policymakers and technical experts from around the world to analyse critical trends shaping the energy sector, drive innovations that will forge new pathways in the transition to net-zero, and build partnerships that will bring us closer to making energy accessible, secure, and affordable for all.

Our team of experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in energy markets, providing unique perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing the industry as we pave the way to a clean energy future.

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Advancing Asia's Energy Transition: Harnessing Optimization for Grid Modernization

Asia stands at the forefront of a profound energy transition, spurred by burgeoning energy demands, pressing climate change imperatives, and a compelling call for sustainability. At the heart of this transformation lies the imperative to modernize and reinforce the region's grid infrastructure. With energy consumption surging, the necessity for a resilient and adaptable grid infrastructure grows increasingly urgent.

In this dynamic landscape, optimization emerges as a cornerstone for shaping Asia's energy future. Optimization methodologies offer indispensable insights into grid operations and planning, providing a roadmap to achieve efficiency at the lowest possible cost. By facilitating the evaluation of various technical and financial parameters, such as renewable energy integration, energy storage system expansion, hydro storage planning, and the integration of demand-side response mechanisms, optimization empowers utilities and policymakers to identify the most cost-effective and reliable solutions for grid resilience.

Moreover, real-time analysis capabilities bolster grid performance monitoring, enabling proactive identification of potential bottlenecks and reliability concerns. This presentation will delve into the pivotal role of optimization in advancing Asia's energy transition. Through informed investments and strategic implementation, we can pave the way for a cleaner, more resilient, and equitable energy ecosystem, aligning with the region's net-zero ambitions while ensuring uninterrupted access to energy services.


Alan Leung
Lead Energy Market Analyst - APAC
Energy Exemplar

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