Model every opportunity as the world transitions to a low carbon future.


PLEXOS Gas models deliver co-optimization across multiple commodities. You can use PLEXOS to either combine disassociated planning groups or eliminate the iterative planning approaches of the past.

Model your system with physical constraints or contractual constraints, while including external markets for both power and gas. Conduct studies such as:
  • Reliability requirements for delivering gas
  • Right-sizing for supply, storage, and transportation contracts given gas and power demand
  • Profit maximization of excess fuel and capacity
  • Renewable generation impact studies to serve both power and gas demand
  • Storage injection and withdrawal target optimisation given both power and gas demand
  • Capacity expansion studies
  • Policy analysis setting CO2 targets.
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A Uniquely Unified Approach to Energy

PLEXOS users make the most accurate simulations and take the most profitable actions to fully realize the benefits of natural gas.

PLEXOS Gas runs complex expansion studies from monthly interval data down to short-term remainder-of- month gas dispatch in hourly or sub-hourly resolution.

  • Design year, peak day, or mild year scenario analysis
  • Optimal storage dispatch
  • Right sizing storage, transportation, and supply contracts
  • Long-term capacity expansion studies
  • Rate adjustments
  • Off-system sales and capacity release
  • Capacity hedging strategies