We are on a never-ending quest to improve our products and deliver innovation in our offerings. Our latest February updates provide an overview of new product features, enhancements, and datasets released last month, all designed with our customers’ needs for advanced tools and insights for the energy market and trading analysis decisions in mind.

PLEXOS Insights for Traders – GB/DE

PLEXOS Insights for Traders delivers a fundamental 14-day forecast, updating daily, to provide traders with a strategic edge in the GB/DE regions. By offering multiple price scenarios, stack models, price correlations, and a simulation of trader views, this product directly addresses the need for comprehensive market insights. Leveraging automated processes for data cleaning and transformation ensures high-quality, reliable forecasts. This automation streamlines the workflow, reducing the manual effort required for data preparation and analysis, making it a crucial tool for trading firms, algo traders, and screen traders looking for a competitive advantage in the volatile energy market.

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PLEXOS Cloud Enhancements


The PLEXOS Cloud February release includes new features including version rollback, improved solution comparison, and enhanced congestion analysis workflows. These developments are particularly beneficial for analysts and reviewers, facilitating powerful version management and expanded output analysis capabilities. The rollback feature, a highly requested addition, simplifies version control, allowing analysts to easily revert to previous versions of their work or re-run analysis from a base case or scenario. The common challenge of managing multiple iterations of simulations and analyses can now be a thing of the past with the added benefit of the ability to streamline collaboration and enhance productivity.


PLEXOS 10.0 R02

The release of PLEXOS 10.0 R02 has improvements that significantly enhance performance, including the integration of new Vehicle Constraint Coefficients and the upgrade to Gurobi 11. These enhancements are crucial for users seeking optimized solution speed and accuracy. The update also enhances the user experience with dynamic content; such as, product updates, product news, and links to online training content on the welcome page and improved version awareness, ensuring users are always up-to-date on the latest features and functionalities.

This release includes improvements to the DSM (Demand Side Management) usage factors that allow users to define usage factors similar to how they are defined for gas demand. This release includes a very nice enhancement to gas contracts for expansion planning that allows a user to create a contract that will automatically end at the end of the term defined.




Aurora 15.0 Patch (1007)

The Aurora 15.0 patch focuses on addressing memory leaks, a critical improvement for long-term run users. This enhancement is part of our broader initiative to ensure reliability and performance across our solutions. By addressing performance challenges such as memory leaks, we offer a more stable and efficient platform for our users.



The latest updates include the release of all European regional datasets (Central, Western, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe) on the customer portal, alongside the PLEXOS Pan-European dataset available since January. Newly released items also include the North American PLEXOS gas datasets, the PLEXOS Zonal dataset, and the final Aurora ERCOT Nodal dataset, marking the completion of Aurora's nodal datasets. The WECC Zonal Aurora and the hydrogen standalone dataset for Europe were recently released. Datasets for India, focusing on long-term capacity expansion and price forecasts, along with the Japanese PLEXOS dataset, are now available and ready for use.

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March 7, 2024

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