We continue our commitment to innovation with the release of March updates for both PLEXOS Insights for Traders and PLEXOS Cloud. These updates deliver expanded functionalities and improved workflows for our valued customers. 

PLEXOS Insights for Traders - Enhanced Coverage and Accuracy 

PLEXOS Insights for Traders offers expanded market coverage, now including fundamental 14-day forecasts for the Netherlands in addition to existing coverage of Great Britain, Germany, and France. Our focus on accuracy is reflected in the industry-leading forecast mean absolute percent error (MAPE) of approximately 6%. Leverage the power of multiple price scenarios to anticipate real-world market fluctuations and inform your trading strategies with greater confidence. 

Netherlands Dashboard



PLEXOS Cloud - March Release: Streamlining Workflows

PLEXOS customers enjoying complimentary storage boost

The March release of PLEXOS Cloud introduces enhancements designed to streamline user analysis of congestion. Gain a more comprehensive understanding of your network health with Induced Flow Data and Node Reports available for both congested and non-congested lines.  

All PLEXOS customers have also received a complimentary storage boost of 1 TB of additional storage – a significant, free benefit. 

PLEXOS Cloud Excel Add-in: Access on the Microsoft App Store

The PLEXOS Cloud Excel Add-in is now available on the Microsoft App Store. This eliminates the need for manual downloads and simplifies updates, enabling effortless integration of PLEXOS Cloud functionalities directly within desktop and web-based Excel. 


PLEXOS 10.0 R03: Expanded Capabilities

The PLEXOS 10.0 R03 update introduces a range of enhancements, including updated solvers for optimized performance and a new EV detail mode which empowers you to model electric vehicles at a highly granular level. 

Energy Exemplar remains dedicated to continuous development, bringing you the most powerful and user-friendly energy modeling tools available. Stay tuned for even more exciting features coming soon! 

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April 5, 2024

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