This month, we have several exciting updates for PLEXOS users. Our latest enhancements include extended forecasting for PLEXOS Insights for Traders, improvements to PLEXOS Cloud credit calculations and output analysis, and new features in the PLEXOS 10.0 R04 release. These updates are designed to improve functionality, user experience, and efficiency across our platform. 

PLEXOS Insights for Traders - GB/ DE/ FR/ NL

Extended Forecasting, Enhanced Services, and Automation and Integration 

This month, our major updates to PLEXOS Insights for Traders have expanded our forecasting to 180 days for markets in Great Britain, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. This enhancement caters to both short-term and medium-term traders, providing detailed insights for front month and quarter periods. 

Our updated service includes realistic market event simulations, flow-based market coupling, and CLI integration for seamless analytics. The fully automated process from data platform to PLEXOS Cloud ensures a comprehensive and leading market forecast. These improvements support a wider range of trading professionals and mark our ongoing expansion across Central and Western Europe. 


Analyze Output using Configurable Charts

Our newest feature, analyze output using configurable charts in PLEXOS Cloud, allows users to analyze outputs with dynamic, customizable charts that provide an intuitive visual representation of data, making it easier to understand and analyze complex datasets. Users can now create charts that update automatically as data changes and tailor these to specific needs. This update supports multiple data formats and visualization types, including bar graphs, line charts, and pie charts, and comes with advanced filtering options for more precise, granular data exploration. 

The charts are fully integrated with the output grid, and layouts can be saved for easy access later, streamlining reporting and decision-making processes. This enhancement reduces the time and effort required for data preparation, allowing users to focus more on analysis. Initially available to users of the Analytics tier of PLEXOS Cloud, this tool is especially beneficial for analysts and reviewers who need to spot key insights and prepare comprehensive reports. 

PLEXOS Cloud Analyze Output using Configurable Charts

Credit Calculation Interval Set to 5 Minutes

Our updated credit calculation feature is now live across all production environments since our May release. Previously, credits were calculated first at 15-minute intervals and then at 5-minute intervals, but we have optimized this to a consistent 5-minute interval throughout. This enhancement ensures more efficient credit utilization for all model sizes, particularly benefiting those with smaller models. For example, a simulation on an 8-core machine that used to consume 2 credits for 4 minutes of usage will now only require 0.67 credits, offering a significant savings of approximately 66.5% without incurring any additional costs.

PLEXOS 10.0 R04

User Experience and Functionality

The PLEXOS 10.0 R04 release features a range of enhancements and new features aimed at improving user experience and functionality. This revision includes a new cloud ribbon menu, which organizes cloud features within the desktop application for more intuitive navigation and operation. Additionally, users will now see the tenant name displayed on the welcome screen, making it easier to switch between tenants when necessary. 

Key updates include new outputs for battery management, specifically for charge and discharge targets, providing insights into associated penalties and costs. For vehicle class simulations, simultaneous charge/discharge capabilities have been added. Furthermore, the water class now includes outputs for capacity building and retirement, addressing previously unmet needs in expansion planning. 

Initially available on PLEXOS Cloud, this release will soon be available on the portal. These enhancements are particularly beneficial for PLEXOS 10 users focused on vehicle and water class simulations, as well as internal users who frequently switch between tenants. 

Energy Exemplar remains dedicated to continuous development, bringing you the most powerful and user-friendly energy modeling solutions available. Stay tuned for even more exciting features coming soon! 

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June 7, 2024

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