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6 December 2023, Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

COP28 has landed in Dubai and is a pivotal moment for energy leaders to reaffirm their commitment to decarbonisation.

The selection of the United Arab Emirates as the host nation, recognised globally for its significant fossil fuel reserves, underscores the region's unwavering commitment to the energy transition. With substantial investments in play, the time has come to unveil the data underpinning the grandiose promises and expansive plans, the very assumptions fuelling the models mapping out a realistic pathway forward.

Energy Exemplar extends a warm invitation to Senior Energy Executives to converge on December 6th at the iconic Atlantis the Palm hotel in Dubai. Together, we'll pull back the curtain on the genuine drivers of change in this region.

This is not just another forum for high-level discussions; it is an opportunity to delve into the specifics. We will share best practices and present case studies that demonstrate tangible, region-shaping results. Moreover, this event serves as a nexus for fostering collaboration among the primary stakeholders in the region. Connect with associates from diverse companies all tackling similar challenges. Take advantage of invaluable networking breaks and soak in the breathtaking ocean view from the Palm during our reception, all while gaining a deeper understanding of what is truly propelling the transformation in this region.

So, why should you choose this event over the others taking place during COP28? Well, this is the exclusive gathering that lifts the veil on the powerhouse steering the region's future – the very brains behind this energy transition. We are the only ones offering realistic future projections backed by solid analytics and real-world success stories. Together, we can turn words into action and "walk the talk."

Mark your calendar for December 6th at Atlantis the Palm, where you will not only observe the transformation but actively participate in shaping the trajectory of the energy landscape in this dynamic region. Capacity is limited, so we are operating on a confirmation basis. If you would like to join this complimentary afternoon, please fill out the form and our team will be in touch at the soonest to let you know if you have secured a seat. 

**Update: The event has passed - please refer to the highlights video and the agenda and photos below.

Event Agenda


Registration will open 30 minutes before the presentations begin, so please feel free to come and pick up your badge and enjoy a tea or coffee. Doors open at 13:25 before we kick off the programme at 13:30.
David Wilson, Michael Schneider
Energy Exemplar

Welcome to Xcelerate ED - Dubai

Energy Exemplar's CEO David Wilson and Michael Schneider, SVP and Head of EMEA, welcome you to Xcelerate Ed. The opening presentation will showcase the latest developments regionally and globally with PLEXOS and how they impact the energy transition.
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Ali Al Heji
Ali A. Al-Heji

Planning for the World's Largest Renewable Energy System

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Shafique Mirza
Shafique Mirza

Developing & Modelling Net Zero Scenarios

This talk will provide a brief overview of DEWA's experience in developing and modelling various Net Zero pathways using PLEXOS and how challenges were overcome.  

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Networking Break

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David Robertson_circle-1
Dr. David Robertson
Energy Exemplar

Empowering the Transition through Digital Transformation

As energy systems become increasing more complex, energy planning is being performed on a more granular basis, driving the need for big data analytics. 

We explore the role of digital transformation in driving the energy transition. 


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Bruce Smith
Bruce Smith

Navigating a Path to Net Zero

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Panel Discussion


  • David Wilson, CEO at Energy Exemplar
  • Shafique Mirza, Senior Manager Generation & Desalination Planning at 
  • Bruce Smith, Strategy and Planning Director at EWEC (Emirates Water and Electricity Company)  


  • Michael Schneider, SVP & Head of EMEA at Energy Exemplar
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Michael Schneider_circle (1)
Michael Schneider
Energy Exemplar

Thank You and Closing Remarks

Energy Exemplar will round off the presentations with a summary and some closing remarks, before the networking reception.
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Networking Reception

The Royal Terrace

Event Venue

Energy Exemplar are proud to host this Executive Forum inside Dubai's iconic Atlantis The Palm Hotel.

Presentations will take place inside the hotel's conference area and the networking reception will be held on the Royal Terrace, overlooking the ocean. Complimentary valet service is available.


Locate the Atlantis The Palm Hotel

Crescent Rd - The Palm Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates