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Navigating Clean Energy Investments
12 October 2023, Battersea Power Station, London

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Navigating Clean Energy Investments

Energy Exemplar are proud to present an exclusive, complimentary afternoon with senior stakeholders and leading experts that are making crucial decisions at the heart of the energy transition.

At the iconic retired Battersea Power Station, a symbol of the changing energy future, our select delegates will enjoy insightful industry presentations from Equinor, RWE, National Grid, Macquarie’s Green Investment Group, South Australia Trade Group, and a leading Renewable Energy Researcher to explore opportunities, exchange strategies, and the challenges of developing clean energy portfolios. This is a senior executive program designed to enhance your network and share insight into building a greener energy industry. The afternoon forum will be followed by a reception in the remodelled Power Control Room of the station. 

This is guaranteed to be an unmissable learning and networking experience. Explore the agenda below.

Capacity is limited, so we are operating on a confirmation basis. If you would like to join us, please fill out the form on this page and our team will be in touch at the soonest to let you know if you have secured a seat.

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Event Agenda

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Registration will open 40 minutes before the presentations begin, so please feel free to come and pick up your badge and explore the Power Station or stay for a coffee and a chat. Doors to Screen 2 open at 13:25 for you to secure your best seat before we kick off the programme at 13:40.
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Michael Schneider_circle (1)
Michael Schneider
Energy Exemplar

Welcome to Xcelerate ED - London

Michael Schneider, SVP and Head of EMEA at Energy Exemplar, will commence the event by providing a brief agenda and program overview. 

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Hon. David Ridgway
Hon. David Ridgway, Agent General
Government of South Australia

Opportunities for Clean Energy in Southern Australia

David will discuss the clean energy journey for South Australia from almost zero renewables in South Australia some 17 years ago, to over 70% of our demand met by renewables today. The state is regularly breaking records with our entire supply coming from roof top solar and wind on perfect days.

He will also discuss the latest developments in South Australia including the recent tabling of the Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Act, and the investment opportunities that exist in South Australia.

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Thomas Pieper, Head of Commercial Analysis & Global Strategies
Thomas Pieper
RWE Supply & Trading GmbH

RWE's Growing Green Energy Strategy

Thomas Pieper is the Head of Commercial Analysis and Global Strategies, RWE Supply & Trading GmbH, responsible for all commercial analysis activities from the tradable tenor to the long-term strategic market analysis.  

Thomas Pieper will present RWE’s strategic roadmap “Growing Green” to expand the company's green generation capacity over the next years and how they model the energy transition towards net-zero.

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Marc-Frédéric Lupianez
Marc-Frédéric Lupianez, Head of Power Analysis

Challenges to achieve the energy transition in Europe

Marc is the Head of Power Analysis within Equinor. He will be discussing Equinor’s renewable ambitions and the challenges to achieve the energy transition in Europe.

  • Equinor’s renewable ambitions
  • Main challenges to achieve the energy transition in Europe
  • Limits to the market design and way forward
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Louis Strydom (1)
Louis Strydom

Beyond Generation: The Multifaceted Role of Balancing in Sustainable Energy Systems

  • Diverse Challenges - Diverse Solution: Balancing is a multi-faceted and dynamic driver in the energy transition
  • The Need for Dynamic Energy Planning: Agile strategies, minute-by-minute analysis, and adaptable systems.
  • Balancing Policy with Energy Realism: Ensuring pragmatic policies that align with technology and grid needs.
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Steve Smith - XcelerateEd London - Speaker-1
Steve Smith, Group Head of Strategy; President National Grid Partners
National Grid

UK Plans for Grid Resilience for a Green Future

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Paul Deane Pic
Dr. Paul Deane
Senior Research Scientist in Clean Energy

Memories of the Future: how looking back can help us understand the future

  • What will the future be like?
  • What types of lifestyles will we lead?
  • How much energy will we need and where will it come from?

Today, powerful computer models like PLEXOS allow us to simulate many different futures and help us understand how our decisions today can shape tomorrow.

Examining the future however is a humble science as history has shown that the future doesn’t reveal its secrets easily. 

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Tom OMeara_circle
Tom O'Meara
Energy Exemplar

Thank You and Closing Remarks

SVP and Head of Global Accounts at Energy Exemplar, Tom O'Meara, will round off the presentations with a summary and some closing remarks, before the networking reception.
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Networking Reception & PLEXOS Lab

Once we wrap up presentations in the Cinema, we head down one escalator to the former control room of the Power Station - now a bar called 'Control Room B'. There will be drinks and nibbles from Le Bab and you'll have the opportunity to connect with our other esteemed guests. Our experts will have PLEXOS set up on various laptops for you to click through and explore. 

And, if you are as fascinated with the history of this fabulous structure, you'll also be able to take a look at the mini museum of restored original knobs and dials.

Control Room B
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Event Venue

Did you know that Battersea Power Station once powered 1/5 of London, including the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace? Once a beacon of modernity, the now Grade II* heritage listed building has been restored to, be a symbol of the future yet again, and, thus, the ideal place to host this event. Read more about the history here.

Getting to the Power Station is easy with the new extension to the Northern line, or via train, bus, or car. We will be inside the Cinema, Screen 2, which is located on the top floor in Turbine Hall B. Signs will guide you to it. We recommend arriving early to allow some time to explore the Power Station and all its new amenities, grab some lunch, and register from 13:00 at the Cinema reception.

Our reception will take place just one escalator down from the Cinema, at Control Room B.


Locate the Cinema inside the Power Station

3rd Floor, Turbine Hall B, Battersea Power Station, SW11 8DD London