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Introducing our regional energy modeling event series
16 May 2024, Lima, Peru

Embark on a transformative journey where energy industry pioneers from the region will converge for a day of unparalleled insights

Dive into the intricate world of energy modelling on Energy Exemplar's PLEXOS platform and discover how it holds the key to unlocking essential data to navigate and make strategic decisions in the dynamic energy landscape.

Join us to 'Xplore' how leading businesses are already leveraging energy modeling and simulation including day-ahead price forecasting, long-term energy investments, sustainability strategies, and the transition to Net Zero. Expect inspiring presentations and discussions, as well as 1:1 consultations. Talks include the game-changing impact of PLEXOS modeling on local companies such as Celepsa and Engie, as well as international and national experience of Inodú.

Connect with pioneers and thought leaders during networking breaks and a special reception. Whether you're a manager making critical decisions, relaying energy insights in your company, or a researcher exploring advanced energy modelling, Xcelerate Xplore Lima 2024 is your exclusive opportunity to gain invaluable insights, forge meaningful connections, and be at the forefront of energy innovation. Secure your spot now to redefine the trajectory of your business in the dynamic world of energy modelling. Don't miss this chance to reshape how you view and navigate the energy future.

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Event Agenda

We have packed a full day filled with Hands-on PLEXOS demonstrations, networking and user case study presentations.

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Registration will open 30 minutes before the presentations begin, so please feel free to come and pick up your badge and enjoy a tea or coffee. 
Room: Foyer
Lucia Parra, Sales Director LATAM
Energy Exemplar

Welcome to Xcelerate Xplore Lima

A warm welcome toXplore Lima from Lucia Parra Sales Director Latin America at Energy Exemplar. Lucia will give an overview of the event and introduce Energy Exemplar and the PLEXOS platform.


Room: TBC
Miguel Condori & Daniel Jimenez
Engie Peru

Experience of Implementing MT and ST on PLEXOS

Room: TBC
Felipe Valdebenito, Principal Solution Engineer
Energy Exemplar

Future Energy System Planning using PLEXOS

This presentation provides a PLEXOS overview and its major features for modelling advanced energy conversion technologies. The second part of this presentation describes the evolution of energy markets and how it becomes necessary to consider them as a whole in order to quantify benefits and detect opportunities. Finally, the third and last part of the presentation will describe the hydrogen model in PLEXOS, which allows to evaluate investments using this resource and estimate the benefits associated with the operation of markets using this fuel. Potential case studies will be shown, and the required considerations will be described in order to economically evaluate hydrogen feasibility.
Room: TBC

Networking Break

Room: Foyer
Augusto Alarcon & Juan Manuel Montoya

Thermal power plants operational flexibility for energy transition stage in Perú

In order to carry out a detailed analysis and quantify the impact on the Peruvian electrical system, the new parameters of operational inflexibility will be evaluated, that is, both the increases in starts/stops, hours of operation, as well as their consequence on marginal costs. For which it is necessary to carry out short-term simulations with hourly granularity. Additionally, implementing short-term operating conditions in PLEXOS for a two-year rolling period hourly simulation, and the different impacts and benefits of the new operating parameters will be analyzed.
Room: TBC
Donny Holaschutz

Challenges and opportunities that energy transition offers in Perú, Chile and California

This presentation will address some challenges and opportunities presented by the energy transition in Peru, Chile and California. Some case studies will be presented on the use of PLEXOS to address the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities generated by the energy transition in these electrical systems. Specifically, the impacts on these electrical systems associated with decarbonization, integration of renewable energy, operational restrictions of the existing generation matrix, electrification, among others, will be presented.
Room: TBC
Luis Manriquez, Senior Energy Market Analysis
Energy Exemplar

Datasets and Peruvian electrical system implemented in PLEXOS

The presentation consists of showing the assumptions, sources of information and comparative results with respect to the public information available from the ISO of Peru. In addition, to show the available database products that exist in EE Latam and the new actions that are coming in the future.

Room: TBC
Lucia Parra
Energy Exemplar

Thank You and Closing Remarks

Energy Exemplar will round off the presentations with a summary and some closing remarks, before the networking reception.
Room: TBC

Networking Reception

Join us for some networking with drinks and nibbles after the event.

Event Venue

The event will be held at The Country Club Lima, one of the most exclusive hotels in the prestigious San Isidro district. If you are attending the event and are planning to stay overnight at this hotel, we also have a special discount code.


Locate The Country Club Lima Hotel

Av. los Eucaliptos 590, San Isidro, Lima - Peru