Certified PLEXOS Professional Course

Between the growing need for power systems analysts and a transition to a cleaner future, the investment in the energy industry is reaching unprecedented levels. The IEA alone estimates spending in 2023 is up to a record USD 2.8 trillion. With net-zero targets around the world having shorter and shorter timelines, planning and implementation are urgent.  
Energy Exemplar’s PLEXOS platform offers companies from across the industry, including utilities, system operators, equipment OEMs, majors, regulators and more, the support needed to make accurate, low-risk, economically sound business decisions.  
This is where you come in. A ramp-up in investment requires a ramp-up in the skilled workforce. Energy modeling simulation software engineers are in high demand. That’s why we’re launching a new 5-Day Certified PLEXOS Professional course. This certification will equip you with the knowledge and tools to fulfill open needs at companies in the space. You’ll also have access to other PLEXOS-certified users across the industry to continue to build your domain expertise.  

The Certified PLEXOS Professional course is the next step in the Xpert learning journey and is designed for those looking to increase their knowledge of PLEXOS. In this course, we will dive deeper into uses cases, examples, and take you beyond just the fundamentals.

Why Certify

  • Enhance your professional trajectory: Boost both yourself and your career by learning the PLEXOS Platform. You will deepen your understanding of our platform to be more effective in your role.

  • Demonstrate your expertise: Elevate your CV/Resume and your LinkedIn profile by adding a globally recognized certification, showcasing to your current or potential employer that you are well-versed in your field.

  • Be Part of the Change: Energy Exemplar’s PLEXOS platform offers companies from across the industry, from utilities, system operators, equipment OEMs, majors, regulators and more, the tools needed to create accurate, low-risk, economically sound business decisions. We are helping to solve real-world problems and change the world.

Who is it for:

There is a need for skilled modelers in the energy modeling space to meet the growing demand. This certification is designed for those who are seeking to increase their knowledge of Energy Exemplar’s Platform, extend their skills, and grow their network.

If you are a modeler, developer, professor, or student looking to gain an edge in the job market and currently don’t use Energy Exemplar’s platform, you can come and earn an industry-leading credential. You will have the time to go deeper into PLEXOS and explore more use-cases.




Current Schedule

2024 Dates

This year we will be offering this certification in two modes, in-person and virtually.*  Certification events will be held quarterly in each region.

Current training offerings: 

  • August 19-23rd, 2024 at Clayton Hotel Chiswick, London

*Additional dates to be added so check back frequently

aurora on desktop computer

Training Schedule

Intro to Power Markets:

  • The development of energy markets
  • Government Oversight and Regulatory Structure
  • ISOs, TSOs and RTOs

Intro to PLEXOS


Model Building (I) The Base Model:

  • Topology
  • Datafiles and Regional Load
  • Fuel and Emissions


Model Building (I) The Base Model:

  • CCGT / SCCT Modelling
  • Start Profile/Shutdown Profile
  • Ramp Rates, Min Up/Down, Ramp
  • Up/Down
  • Heat Rates
  • Outages
  • Renewable - Merchant and PPA
  • Batteries
  • Market Class

Base Analysis:

  • Performance
  • MT Schedule
  • Chronology

Hydro Modeling (I):

  • Pumped Storage
  • Cascaded Hydro Generators
  • Hydro Efficiency

Hydro Modeling (II):

  • Hydro Modelling (II)
  • Hydro Class
  • Energy Constrained Generator
  • Dam Storage Hydro Generator

Constraining the System:

  • Custom Constraints
  • Ancillary Services
  • Emissions

Long Term Modeling:

  • Load Forecasting
  • Phased Build, Forced Build
  • Fundamentals and Formulation
  • Generation Capacity Expansion
  • Transmission Capacity Expansion

Long Term Modeling (II):

  • Generation Capacity Expansion
  • Build
  • Retire
  • Transmission Capacity Expansion

System Adequacy:

  • PASA & Pre-Schedule
  • Resilience

Long Term Analysis:

  • PASA, MT, ST Analysis
  • Price, USE, Dumped Energy


Post Event Exam & Certification 

Trainee Feedback

What Attendees Are Saying

"I got insights into a new tool and its functioning. Many things that can be used in the energy value chain. The training was well managed in general."

Mayank Goel
NTPC School of Business

"Depth, balance between theory and practical demo, and excellent training and organization team."

Richa Karve
Idam Infrastructure Advisory

"I enjoyed the hands-on exercises and use cases and great training team"

Priyam Jain

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