PLEXOS Cloud brings more interaction, greater precision, and deeper contextual insights to energy market modeling. With PLEXOS Cloud’s flexible infrastructure, stay ahead of the curve by scaling compute capacity for peak study periods and stochastic runs.

  • Create one source of truth for the entire organization
  • Maximize your profitability across multiple commodities
  • Reduce your IT costs and timelines
  • Make decisions based on real-world scenarios
  • Streamline your input/output processes and reduce errors
  • Work more efficiently across teams by eliminating iterative planning
  • Consolidate separate forecasting tools into one master hub
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A Uniquely Unified Approach to Energy

Discover Hidden Value with Co-optimized Energy Market Simulation

PLEXOS Cloud offers a single, unified system for running and communicating studies across all users, markets, and locations. This holistic system increases operational vision, so users can utilize insights for developing rate cases, integrated resource planning, and presentations to oversight boards.