Welcome to the monthly "What's New" blog at Energy Exemplar. This update focuses on the latest advancements in PLEXOS, our leading product for energy modeling and analysis. Our newly released PLEXOS 10 transforms our offerings into a comprehensive platform designed to meet the dynamic needs of the energy sector. This edition covers significant product developments and enhancements that have been made, ensuring our solutions remain effective and relevant in an evolving industry.

PLEXOS 10 Release: It’s Not a Tool, It’s a Platform.

The launch of PLEXOS 10 marks the beginning of an era for PLEXOS.  PLEXOS 10 introduces new products, features, enhancements, and innovations that bring PLEXOS as you know it, to a new level.  PLEXOS has evolved - it's no longer just an energy modelling tool – it's a platform - spanning sectors, industries, and organizational levels.  The PLEXOS Platform delivers accelerated outcomes - empowering analysts with quicker results to more complex problems, alongside the solutions they need to serve stakeholders and decision makers. 

The continuous innovation of both the Energy Exemplar team and PLEXOS allows our solutions to continue to quickly provide insightful, actionable data to everyone via cloud scalability, global simulation-ready datasets, and now, PLEXOS Insights delivered through the PLEXOS platform.

PLEXOS doesn't just speed up; it evolves. Read more about PLEXOS 10

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Compute Credit ChangeEnergy Exemplar Compute Credits and more granular time intervals

We have a valuable update to how Compute Credits are tallied during simulations on PLEXOS Cloud, designed to offer our customers more efficiency and value.

In the past, PLEXOS Cloud applied a whole-hour credit counting system. This meant that simulations running for any duration within an hour – be it 15 or 59 minutes – consumed the same number of credits. However, with our upcoming January 2024 release, we're shifting to a more refined sub-hourly credit calculation. This new approach will bill users based on more granular time intervals: credits will now be counted starting from a minimum of 15 minutes, followed by increments of 5 minutes.

This update marks a significant reduction in required credit usage. For instance, a 22-minute simulation on a 48-core machine used to consume 48 credits. Under the new system, the same simulation will only consume 20 credits, leading to a substantial decrease in credit usage. This modification is advantageous for users running both large and small models.

The best part? This enhancement is automatically available to all users on usage-based pricing plans, with no additional action needed on their part. This change is part of our ongoing commitment to providing more value and better service to our customers.

Central License Manager (CLM): Streamlining Software License Management

Energy Exemplar and Central License Manager Named User Switches

The Central License Manager (CLM) is a vital tool for efficient software license management, designed to empower customers with the ability to manage their own user licensing. It centralizes the control of Energy Exemplar licenses across various products, components, and datasets, offering a robust solution for managing and optimizing software licenses. Key features include real-time management and tracking of license and enterprise level security through Single Sign-On (SSO).

CLM's instantaneous Named User Switches eliminate delays and costs associated with acquiring or switching licenses, ensuring seamless operations. The Offline License Checkout feature allows for a license to be used offline for up to 15 days, aiding professionals in maintaining workflow continuity, especially in remote or low-connectivity areas.

Security is a top priority in CLM, with granular user access controls and integration with Enterprise SSO systems, providing enhanced security for enterprise customers. CLM is not just a tool but a strategic asset for businesses seeking efficient, secure, and uninterrupted software license management.

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December 18, 2023

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